Distance Education

Distance Education at KU is a critical component to our mission to lead this university into the future. It enables new learning, creates new partnerships, and sparks connections to our passionate Kutztown University alumni. Whether a course is fully online or online activities are used to supplement face-to-face classes, the digital environment can promote engagement and learning opportunities.

The Distance Education office consists of a team of instructional designers, media producers, and technical support staff. Our office collaborates with faculty to ensure that the online experience reflects the rigorous education for which KU is known. Our team is passionate about the role distance education can play at Kutztown, and our mission is to provide students on and off campus with an enriched educational experience for a lifetime of learning through innovations in course design and pedagogy, technology, and distance education opportunities.

Have questions or want to learn more?

The Office of Distance Education does not administer any online programs or course offerings. If you have questions about a particular online program or course, please contact the corresponding academic department for information. A list of available academic programs can be found on the Program Finder webpage.

Solution Centers

The Office of Distance Education supports D2L and other distance learning technologies, including Zoom and Mediasite. The IT Solutions Center is a 24/7/365 self-service, fully searchable knowledge base intended to support faculty, staff, and students with distance learning applications.

D2L Request Forms

The forms below allow you to make D2L-related requests to the Office of Distance Education. You will be notified by Office of Distance Education staff when your request is complete. Additional information for each request is available on the corresponding form.