Summer Financial Aid

  • Summer financial aid requires a minimum enrollment of at least 6 credits (both sessions combined) for most aid programs.
  • Complete and submit the summer aid application online and in the Financial Aid Office.
  • Complete both the current year's FAFSA and the upcoming year's FAFSA.
  • It is possible that if you have used all of your loan eligibility for the year, you will not regain eligibility until the fall semester.
  • A variety of private alternative loans are available for students who have exhausted their Federal and State aid eligibility.
  • If you are seeking aid for summer enrollment at another school, submit a copy of your approved Permission to Study at Another College form (obtained from the Registrar's Office), along with the completed institutional summer aid application to the KU Financial Aid Services Office.

Summer Pell Grant

  • Students enrolled in 3 summer credits will only be eligible for a summer Pell grant if their full eligibility was not used during the previous fall and spring semesters.
  • Students enrolled in 6 or more summer credits will be eligible for a summer Pell grant as part of the year-round Pell award. Using a summer Pell grant will not affect your Pell grant for the following Fall and Spring unless you are reaching your six year full-time limit on Pell eligibility. 

Summer PA State Grant
For PA State Grant consideration, at least half of your credits must be taken in a regular classroom or your grant will be reduced approximately in half. No more than half of the total summer credits can be taken online. Please keep in mind PA State Grants are limited to 4 years of full-time eligibility.  

  • Notes on online classes:
    • The Financial Aid Office must monitor the number of online credits in your class schedule for Fall and Spring semesters through July 31st of the academic year.
    • In order to retain your PA State Grant, at least half of your semester's credits must be in a face-to-face, in-person classroom. If you have more online credits than in-person credits in a term, your PA State Grant will be reduced. (A "blended" course is considered an online course for state grant purposes if over 50% is online.)
    • If your ratio of online vs. in-person credits changes from the way the state grant was originally paid to you, the following could happen:
      1. Your grant amount will be reduced from full-time to part-time and you owe back the amount for which you are no longer eligible, or
      2. Your grant will be canceled and you owe back what was paid to you because based on the withdrawal, more than half of the remaining credits in your schedule are (or were) online.

Important News about Summer Financial Aid and Financial Aid Progress

Summer financial aid (federal Stafford loans included) will not be processed until Spring grades can be reviewed to determine if you are making satisfactory financial aid progress. You will need to make the necessary payment arrangements with the Office of Student Accounts when you register to hold your summer schedule. If you are not making financial aid progress, you will not be eligible for summer financial aid and you will have to pay for summer classes on your own.