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March 23-27: Frederick Douglass Institute Teach-In for Social Justice

Guided by the spirit and legacy of distinguished orator and statesman Frederick Douglass, the KU FDI seeks your involvement in strengthening the preparation of students to address issues of racism and social/racial inequality.  The Douglass Collaborative would like to highlight YOUR classroom activities, assignments, projects or co-curricular events that deal with contemporary racial inequality, excessive policing, other topics related to social injustice and race, and/or social protest and response in Spring 2015.  Please consider participating in and/or contributing to the following commemoration events on the Kutztown campus:

Featuring four events:

1. An interactive telecast from the Selma March with Ferguson, Missouri and I-Lead Charter, Reading PA high school students with KU students on Monday, March 23rd at 9am. We are delighted that Monday's panel will include a Kutztown student, I-Lead teacher and student, Ferguson teacher and student, Little Rock student, and two St Louis police officers (one of which is Major Rochelle Jones, highest ranking African-American female police officer in St. Louis, MO).

2. Scholar-in-Residence Judy Tallwing McCarthy integrates issues of race, gender, and sexual orientation during her presentations with a diverse group of Kutztown University and local high school students.

3. Highlighting KU professors and staff addressing social justice issues in their classrooms and organizations by recording what is being done in our own classrooms.

4. KU student involvement in the Selma March and using social media to report on their activities as well as a providing a telecast from Selma allowing KU faculty, staff and students to ask questions of Ferguson, D.C., Reading and Little Rock arkansas high school students about their experiences on the National Park Service and Department of Justice Moving Classroom and recreating the Selma March this week. Pictures, text and videos uploaded to the Kutztown University Frederick Douglass Institute Facebook page and our twitter account, @KU_FDI.

The KU FDI will acquire and distribute a selection of social justice resources with the KU campus, area public schools and universities.

Judy Tallwing McCarthy, KU FDI Scholar-in-Residence

KU FDI Scholar-in-Residence, Judy Tallwing McCarthy, will be spending the week of March 22-27, 2015 on our campus. Judy's background includes activism in the Womens and Queer Rights Movements.  Borrowing from many traditions from her Native upbringing, Judy's art is medicine, specifically focusing on healing and reconciliation. She will be meeting with the FMLA, Allies, Social Studies pre-service teachers, women studies students and area high school students from I-Lead Charter School.

Please join us for our  March KU FDI Discussion Series in MSU 183 to hear Ms. Tallwing McCarthy's presentation, "Finding Her Way: A Story of a Feminist, Artist, Queer, Apache Elder" at 1 pm March 26th.

Judy Tallwing McCarthy

FDI Scholar-in-Residence (March 22-27) Tentative Schedule

Judy Tallwing in traditional dress

Sunday, March 22nd



Monday, March 23rd

FDI Welcome Luncheon Reception

Noon Room 250

I-LEAD Students: Walking in the Shoes Of....

"Art as Healing: Judy Tallwing, Artist, Apache Elder"

1:00-3:00 pm

FDI Gear Up

"Healing Art: An Activity of Reflection and Inspiration"

4:30-6 pm


                  Tuesday: March 24th                   

FMLA Discussion:

"Womens Movement History: On the Road with Gloria Steinem & Others"


SEU 390 Class: Dr. Maria Sanelli

"Passing on Our History: Apache Culture and Spirituality"

3 pm

Social Studies Club: Dr. Maria Sanelli, advisor

"Bringing Stories to Life: Integrating Art and the Social Studies"

Limited to 15 (demonstration & art activity)


       Wednesday: March 25th             

WGS 010 Class: Dr. Colleen Clemens

"Womens Movement History: On the Road with Gloria Steinem & Others"

10 am

Museum of Indian Culture

"Sacred Medicine through Art"

Fishhatchery Road, Allentown

7 pm


         Thursday: March 26th               

Allies Discussion:

Coming Out Queer and the Road to Self-Discovery


FDI Discussion Series:

Finding Her Way: A Story of a Feminist, Queer, Apache Elder

1:30 pm, SUB 183


Friday: March 27th


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