An overview of University statistics and performance indicators

Overall Enrollment

Overall Headcount/FTE Enrollment

Overall Minority Enrollment by Ethnicity

Minority Enrollment - Percentage Overall

UG Enrollment FT/PT

UG Enrollment by Gender

UG Enrollment by Residency

Minority UG Enrollment

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Undergraduate Students Age 25+

Freshmen & Transfer Enrollment

Freshmen Admissions

Freshmen Profile - SAT Scores

Freshmen Profile - High School Rank

Freshmen Profile - High School GPA

Graduate Enrollment

Graduate Enrollment FT/PT

GR Enrollment by Gender

GR Enrollment by Residency

Minority GR Enrollment

UG Retention & Graduation Rates

UG 1-Yr Retention by College

UG 4-Yr Graduation Rate by College

UG 5-Yr Graduation Rate by College

UG 6-Yr Graduation Rate by College

Undergraduate Persistence

Student Success & Progress Rate

UG Transfer Student Graduation Rate

Degrees Awarded

UG Degrees Awarded by College

Faculty by Rank

Faculty by Tenure Status

Terminal Degrees

Percent Terminal Degrees

Faculty by Ethnicity & Gender

Tuition & Fees