Cash Deposits

Opening a Private Account

  • A private account may be opened by any “Registered”, “SGA Maroon Status” or “SGA Gold Status” student organizations. 
  • To open a private account, the organization's treasurer will need to bring all funds to be deposited into the KUSSI Service Center. At that time, a KUSSI Service Center staff member will open an account for the organization, establish a 3-digit account number and explain the procedures for depositing and withdrawing funds.   
  • Private accounts are used to deposit money from fundraising, donations, or any other source of funding unrelated to the Student Activity Fee. Private account balances carry over from year to year.
  • Student organizations may spend funds from their private account on any purchase except alcohol, tobacco products or any illegal substances.

Account Statements

  • Once you are on the Finance page within your organization on Engage, there is a tab called “Accounts.” This will provide you with accounts associated within your organization, along with your available balance. If you click on the account name, it will allow you to see all of the requests submitted, as well as transactions of what has been paid. We will be updating the transactions every Friday.

Depositing Funds:

  1. If depositing cash: Please stop down in MSU 171 to drop off cash deposits.
  2. If depositing checks: Please reach out to for a digital deposit slip and instructions on how to proceed.