Funding Request


  1. Complete a Funding Request. Each organization now has their own finance page, located within your student organization’s Engage portal (Hover cursor over logo on the left bar > Click gear icon > Click Finance tab).
  2. Funding Request Process:
    • Select “Create New Request” while on the Funding Request tab.
    • Complete all fields, feel free to reach out to KUSSI with any questions.
    • Attach “back-up” paperwork which explains/details the purchase
  • NOTE: If reimbursement is for food expenses, a detailed receipt must be obtained from the restaurant representing a full listing of food/beverage items purchased. Credit card summary receipt cannot be accepted as proof of payment. Please be sure to request a detailed receipt BEFORE leaving the restaurant.
  • Credit Card summary receipts are not accepted as proof of payment for any purchase. Please be sure to obtain a detailed receipt for all purchases.
  • If using Budget funds please attach a proof that your event was advertised to all KU students (poster/ Engage post screen shot).
    • If the organization’s treasurer or president submits the request, it will then be sent to their advisor. The advisor will receive an email that a request was submitted by the student officer, and it’s ready for review. The advisor must then review the request and click “Change Stage.” The next step will be for it to be “Finalized, and send to KUSSI for approval.” Once that is completed, the student officer who submitted the form and advisor will receive an email that the form was submitted to KUSSI.
    • If the advisor submits the request, it will still be sent to the advisor for review and approval. The advisor must review their own request, and then click “Change Stage” to assign it to a student officer for review. Once the student officer reviews the request, they will need to click “Change Stage” and then choose “Finalized, and send to KUSSI for approval.”
    • Once all required approvals have been received, KUSSI will review your request and either process it or reach out with any changes that must be made.
  1. Delivery Method. Indicate on the Funding Request form your preferred delivery method for the requested reimbursement. (E.g. mail to vendor/individual or hold in the office for pick-up/ACH payment). In the event, the check is made payable to a student, staff or faculty member, only the person to whom the check is made payable to may pick up the check with a valid student identification card or driver’s license.
  2. Please keep in mind that a Funding Request is used for reimbursements, and only if a vendor does not accept Purchase Orders. The preferred method of payment to vendors is by Purchase Order.
  3. Check Availability. Checks are created by the KUSSI on Thursday of each week, excluding holidays.
    • Complete/Accurate paperwork submitted by Wednesday at 12:00 pm – Pick up check Friday after 8:00 am
  4. ACH (Direct Deposit) Availability. ACH’s are processed by the KUSSI on Thursday of each week, excluding holidays. Funds will be deposited into the account listed on file the next day.
    • Complete/Accurate paperwork submitted by Wednesday at 12:00 pm – Funds deposited on Friday
  5. For an individual to request a reimbursement, they must get approval from the treasurer or president before the advisor can give final approval. For the treasurer to be reimbursed, they must be approved by the president of the organization before final approval from the advisor.

Requests submitted outside these guidelines will be processed on the next check processing day. The KUSSI Service Center cannot offer “same day” check creating services. It is important that pre-planning is considered to avoid any delays in payment to vendors/individuals. Checks will be available for pick up on Wednesdays and Fridays. Checks requested to be held for pick up will only be held for two weeks. After two weeks, the checks will be mailed.