helloGoodness Healthy Vending

Looking for a quick snack on the go? Who said snacking couldn't be healthy too?

Hello Goodness logo, "premium, trusted producs and brands in contemporary vending solutions" Vending Machines

helloGoodness machines offer a wide range of refrigerated and non-refrigerated including: Trail Mix, Hummus, Smartfood Popcorn, Quaker Oatmeal Bars, reduced fat Sun Chips and Doritos, Naked Juice, Propel Water, Tropicana Juice, Lipton Iced tea, and G2 Gatorade.

The new helloGoodness machines also offer additional benefits over other conventional vending machines. They currently accept multiple forms of payment including cash, credit cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay. The machines display nutritional information and even offer product pairing suggestions on future purchases. Should the machine fail to dispense a product, the machine will even issue an automatic refund in cash or reversal to a credit card.

The helloGoodness machines can be found in the Rickenbach R&L Center, the deFrancesco Building, the Rohrbach Library, the Sharadin Arts Building, Schaeffer Auditorium, the Boehm Science Center, Keystone Hall, outside the entrance to the O'Pake Fieldhouse, the 2nd floor of the Stratton Administration Center and the Old Main Mailroom.