Bearfest is one of the oldest events on campus. Each year the committee of students who plan Bearfest meet weekly starting in the Fall semester. To stay connected with Bearfest and hear about updates throughout the year such as meeting dates, applications, and contests, follow the Bearfest at Kutztown University Facebook page.

Bearfest 45 will be April 24-27th, 2024

Below is the schedule of events (subject to change):

Wednesday, April 24th (4pm-9pm): Foam Slide Day
Thursday, April 25th (4:30-9pm): Picnic Day & Drag Bingo
Friday, April 26th (6:30-10pm): Casino Night
      Playing time is 6:30-8:45pm
      Prizes drawn 9-10pm
Saturday, April 27th (1-5pm) Community Day

Ways students can get involved with Bearfest:

  • Join the Committee

    Bearfest meetings are held every Thursday night at 6pm in Deatrick (while classes are in session, not during breaks or finals).

  • Volunteer at Bearfest

    Such a large event takes a lot of people to make it successful. In addition to the committee members, Bearfest also uses volunteers to help with a variety tasks. Students who volunteer for a predetermined minimum number of hours will receive a free t-shirt with the logo and Bearfest sponsors.

  • Student Organization Booth/Participation

    While each year the Bearfest committee determines which events and activities will happen during Bearfest, there are always opportunities for student organizations to get involved, such as hosting a booth on Saturday, Bearfest Community Carnival day. Organizations interested in playing a larger role can contact Bearfest Advisor Kaili Soisson with questions or ideas.

Foam Slide

Thursday of Bearfest has included a slide of some sort for many years. In recent years, it has been a foam slide.

Tie Dye

Bearfest always strives to include a variety of activities for students to enjoy. A popular activity that you may see at Bearfest is t-shirt tie dying.

Human Whack a Mole

Activities range from individual activities to group activities, some are crafts, while others are more active, so there's something for everyone to enjoy!

Stunt Jump

Jump into the fun at Bearfest!

Casino Night

Casino Night is one of Bearfest's longest traditions, and one of its most popular, too! It is completely free to play, but there are so many prizes to win from!

Nice catch!

You'll often see students enjoying the environment at Bearfest, adding their own activities by tossing around a football or frisbee.

So sweet!

No matter your taste, you'll find something you enjoy at Bearfest!

Don't stress!

Bearfest is a great opportunity for students to de-stress a bit before the semester ends.

Go for the jackpot!

Test your luck at Casino Night!

students in the foam slide at Bearfest
student tie dying a t-shirt
students getting ready to play human whack a mole
student jumping off of a platform into a giant cushion on the "stunt jump"
students playing roulette at casino night
student catching a football on the DMZ
students sitting on a curb eating cotton candy
students playing jenga on the DMZ
students playing on the slot machines at casino night