Senior Exhibitions

Please check with the advisors listed on your course schedule, you must be registered for the Senior Exhibition course to graduate.  

It is important to attend all Senior Exhibition meetings for specific details.   

You may be required to sign up to meet with professors individually to determine which of your artworks will be exhibited.  

All exhibition events take place in the Miller Gallery in the Sharadin Arts Building, the gallery is open during exhibition times from Mon-Fri 10 a.m.-4 p.m., Sat 12-4 p.m., Sun 2-4 p.m.  


This doc must be completed before dropping off artwork to the gallery. It includes wall tag and insurance information 

Senior Exhibition Loan Form (Required)


  • Communication Design Graduates

    Artwork Drop off: Monday, March 24, 12-4pm 
    Exhibition Dates: March 29 - April 31
    Opening Reception: Sunday March 30, 2-4pm 
    Artwork Pick up: Monday April 7, 12-4pm  

  • Animated Arts Graduates

    Artwork Drop off: Tuesday April 8, 10-4pm 
    Exhibition Dates: April 12 - 20
    Opening Reception: Sunday April 13, 2-4pm
    Artwork Pick up: Monday, April 21, 2-5pm 

  • Art Education Graduates

    Artwork Drop off: Tuesday, April 22, 12pm-5pm 
    Exhibition Dates: April 26 - May 4
    Opening Reception: Sunday April 27, 2-4pm 
    Artwork Pick up: Tuesday, May 6, 11-5pm 

  • Art Graduates

    Artwork Drop off: Monday May 5, 11-4pm 
    Exhibition Dates: May 10 - 16
    Opening Reception: May 11, 2-4pm 
    Artwork Pick up: Friday May 16, 2-4pm