Steps to Rent an Enterprise Vehicle

Any employee wishing to reserve a rental vehicle from Enterprise for business purposes may do so at a reduced rate by following the instructions available here.

The rental process is a three-step process:

Quotation Mark

Due to the rental vehicle shortage caused by the pandemic, it is recommended that employees reserve vehicles as far in advance as possible.

Transportation Services

Pickup Locations

Campus Drop-off: Employees have the option of having the rental vehicle dropped off at KU. (A $25 drop-off fee for car or minivan rentals of less than three days will apply to each rental.)

Rental vehicles delivered to campus will be parked at the D2 parking lot near Keystone Hall or A6 parking lot near the Academic Forum at specially marked locations. Please be sure to specify your desired delivery location when making your reservation.

Do not park your personal vehicle in the designated Enterprise Rent-A-Car space at the D2 parking lot near Keystone Hall or the A6 parking lot near the Academic Forum. Please park your personal vehicle in the employee yellow or white parking spaces. Keys and the rental contracts for vehicles delivered to campus will be dropped off during KU normal business hours, to the office of the requestor or a designated third party, office assistant, etc.

On return to campus, park the rental vehicle at the same Enterprise Rent-A-Car location where you picked up the car; lot D2 or lot A6. If you are going to be returning the vehicle earlier than or later than your scheduled return date, please send an email to the following: AND also copy Enterprise:

Return your rental vehicle keys by placing them in the Key Drop Box. There is a Key Drop Box at each delivery location. Once your keys are in the Key Drop Box, they cannot be retrieved.

Enterprise Branch: Vehicles may also be picked up at Enterprise locations convenient to the driver of the vehicle, For instance, a driver may have an Enterprise location close to their home. Or the driver may fly to a meeting or conference and wish to rent a vehicle from the local airport.

Pick up of a rental vehicle at an Enterprise branch location must take place during the branch's normal business hours. Vehicle keys and the rental contract agreement will be given to you at this time.

Available Vehicles and Associated Fees

Kutztown has negotiated reduced rates with Enterprise when employees are using the vehicles for business purposes. Daily rental rates are available from the Enterprise website reserved for KU employees. In addition, the following rates will apply:

Cars and minivans: Cars and/or minivan rentals of less than three days will incur a $25 drop-off fee if the vehicle is dropped off on campus. The fee is not assessed for rentals that are three days (24-hour periods) or greater.

The $25 drop-off fee is not assessed for vehicles picked up from an Enterprise branch.

12-Passenger and 15-Passenger Vans: rentals of larger vans will incur a minimum two-day rental charge even if the van is used for one day. All van drop-offs will also incur a $25 drop-off fee regardless of the length of the rental. Due to limited availability and high demand, reservations for these vehicles should be made well in advance of the date they are needed. You must contact Enterprise Rent-A-Car directly through email at (Temple Office Branch Manager) to make arrangements.

Drivers must be at least 25 years of age to operate an Enterprise twelve or fifteen-passenger van.


Any reservation canceled less than 24-hours in advance of the scheduled reservation OR after the vehicle has been dropped off on campus will be charged a cancellation fee equal to a one-day rental charge.

When renting a vehicle from a branch or airport, please remind them that KU is tax-exempt.

If you use the Vehicle Rental vs. Mileage Reimbursement calculation sheet (located on the web page), please attach it to the Enterprise Rental Request form.

Rental Cost Payments

Charges for your rental vehicle by Enterprise Rent-A-Car begin on the date and time specified on the reservation.

Payment for rental vehicles will be a direct charge to your cost center through a monthly statement sent to the university.


Drivers must be at least 21 years of age to operate an Enterprise car or minivan. If renting a minivan in New York, a driver must be 25 years of age.  Drivers must be at least 25 years of age to operate an Enterprise twelve or fifteen-passenger van.

General Information

  • You do not have to fill the gas tank when you return the vehicle. Enterprise Rent-A-Car will charge for gas to the level noted on the rental contract agreement. If you need to purchase gas during your trip, make sure you get a receipt, list the expense on the travel expense form, secure the necessary approval signatures, attach the receipt(s) to the travel form and return the form to the Accounts Payable department.
  • Please keep your copy of the rental contract agreement with you during use of the vehicle. It will serve as your vehicle registration, proof of insurance, and provide important emergency contact information.
  • If you are going to be returning the vehicle earlier than or later than your scheduled return date, please send an email to the following: Transportation Services at AND also copy Enterprise:
  • On occasion, a rental vehicle may be at the designed pick-up location prior to the reservation period. The university rental agreement does not provide insurance coverage on the vehicle before the start date and time of your reservation. Use of the rental vehicle before this period will result in personal liability.
  • A one-day reservation is equivalent to 24 hours. Example: If your reservation begins at 12 noon on Monday, it is due back by 12 noon on Tuesday.
  • Rental vehicles returned in a dirty condition will be subject to an additional fee for cleaning.
  • Enterprise Rent-A-Car has a STRICT no smoking policy and will assess additional charges for smoking in a rental vehicle.

Roadside Assistance

Enterprise Rent-A-Car provides emergency roadside assistance by calling 1-800-307-6666. This number is also printed on your rental contract.


Questions or concerns regarding your rental vehicle should be directed to Enterprise Rent-A-Car.

If your vehicle was delivered to campus, contact the Temple Office at 610-750-8865. If you picked it up at a local branch, call 800-736-8222.