Website Redesign

June 26

The university’s new website is now live. Please note the following important items that you should be aware of with the new website’s debut.

CMS Login Links

The new CMS (Version 10 of Ingeniux – this is the version used for the new website) is now found at The bookmarks/favorites you have setup for the old link you used during migration should be updated. The content freeze is over, so Ingeniux content contributors can resume their work on the website.

The old CMS (version 9 of Ingeniux – this was used for the OLD website) is now found at  This CMS will remain available for the time being and should only be used as an archival resource to assist content migration.

Central Calendar

EMS Master Calendar is live as the new central calendar.  The link to the calendar remains

Website Bug Form

Should you notice anything amiss with the new website, please use this form to report it:

Updating Publications/Correspondence with Links to Pages

If you have any publications (letters, emails, booklets, PDFs, fliers, etc.) that include links to the Kutztown University website - you will want to set time aside to check and update any of those links. While we are doing what we can to preserve links on the new site (for instance, all short URL Redirects, see below, setup through my office will remain active), some links will change as we streamline our site with this new version.

Note: The following URL redirects are in place on our website:

Thank you all for your help during the transition.

June 13

The new Kutztown University website is almost ready to launch. In order to launch the website successfully, we have developed the following timeline. Please read carefully, especially if you have the responsibility to maintain content on the website.

By Tuesday, June 18 at the end of the business day: all content must be locked in by this time.

For content to be locked in:

  1. A page/component that you want to have published on the website MUST be advanced through workflow to be published.

  2. If you have already published a page/component, it need not be processed through workflow again, UNLESS you start the workflow again to update it. In this case, it should be advanced through workflow to be published.

  3. A page/component that you are not yet ready to publish should be CHECKED IN FOR CONTENT FREEZE. Do not leave a page in the authoring or proofreading step of workflow. Do not “check-in for content freeze” a page that has already been published.

  4. Any assets that you want to be published should have been added to asset workflow, which also processes them through workflow once, readying the assets for publishing.

Beginning at the end of the business day on June 18, we start a content freeze that will last for the next eight days, through Wednesday, June 26. During that time, you will be unable to update any content on the new website. The web team will be doing a full site quality check to make sure the site is ready to go.

Should all checks be successful, we plan to launch the new website for the public on Wednesday, June 26, around noon.

Once the website is launched, regular content updates will resume as normal. The old website will be taken offline and the old CMS will be archived, but available for content referral.

June 10

Program Detail Pages
As you review your part of the site tree in Ingeniux, you will notice new pages have been added in the academic areas. I have added Program Detail Webpages to everyone's academic department site tree.  

At the training, I spoke about the work my office was doing to create these pages, how they will connect to our new Program Finder page (what has been published can be viewed at x206).  We will no longer have a set of high-level program pages that are centrally managed outside of the department site trees.  

Please preview these new pages that are in your site tree to become familiar with them.  They are named with the full name of the program (e.g., Bachelor of Science in Mathematics"). The ability to edit the pages will be opened shortly once we finish processing them. 
Some things you may notice or want to keep in mind:

  1. We must have these program detail pages on our website for each academic program.
  2. If your feedback has just been submitted in the last couple of weeks, the content from the writer is still to come.
  3. If your department did not submit feedback, then I migrated content over from the existing webpage.
  4. If you already created a version of a program page, I did my best to integrate those with the new Program Detail page.  In some cases, what you had created are now children pages of this new program detail page.  I invite you to review and see how the content can be streamlined between the pages, if necessary.  I think it would be very appropriate to present detailed information about a program as a child to the Program Detail page.  

Editing Program Detail Pages
When you edit the program detail pages, the following fields should only be changed if there is something incorrect to be fixed (and why it shouldn't be edited):

  1. Program Type (this populates the types on the program finder
  2. Headline (this is the title on the program finder)
  3. Content
    a.    Program rewrite: our freelance writer created an introduction to each program written in the brand voice that appeals to prospective students (some changes to this section would be OK, but we would like to keep the concept of this introduction/marketing language to appeal to prospects).
    b.    Learning Outcomes header and Accordion (these house the SLOs)
  4. Explore More (this gets users back to the program finder and department list. This is a feature for students who are shopping for their interests)
  5. Page Properties - Abstract (this displays on the page finder description)
  6. Page Properties - Thumbnail (this is the image that displays on the program finder)

If you have any questions, please let me know.    -Josh Leiboff

June 4

Recent upgrades:

  1. Flipping Book: We are now able to insert Flipping Books as components into General Content Pages. It can be added as a component in the general content area, as well as in a two-column container.  I have created several of the components that can be inserted.  If you have a flipping book already, please look under Flipping Book Component folder (x3233).  If your flipping book is not listed, please let me know as we will be creating more components in the next day or so.
  2. Size of two-column containers is fixed.
  3. We are now able to insert department directory listings into General Content Pages.  Our office will be working on creating those for each department.
  4. Links to Documents in Assets should now be working correctly when published.


A reminder that we will have open working sessions for those who want assistance with the new content management system. This is only for those who have already trained in the new system.   26 DeFrancesco Building.
- Tuesday, June 4, 9-11:30 a.m.
- Thursday, June 6, 1-3:30 p.m.
- Tuesday, June 11, 9-11:30 a.m.
- Thursday, June 13, 1- 3:30 p.m.   Thank you for your continued efforts on the new website.  

May 31

What fields are required?
We've gotten several questions from you today about finding the required fields so a page can be checked in for content freeze.  Here's a walkthrough PDF to help you find those fields that are required.

Please note this important item: a page gets checked in when it is you do not need to send a page through check-in for content freeze if you've already published it and not started the workflow over again.   

May 28

Change to Asset Workflow
Adding an asset to workflow will now automatically processes the asset through workflow once, making it ready for publication with no further action needed.  Should you need to change the asset, it will need to be advanced through workflow as before. Refer to Managing Assets: Loading Assets, Adding Assets to Workflow, Advancing through Workflow (PDF) for full asset workflow details.

When You're Ready to Publish
As soon as you are ready, you can advance each page/component through workflow to be published.  If you have your entire section ready to be published at once, you can send me the xID of the parent page of the section and I can process them all through to be published.  I will then send you a link so you can preview the live version on the migration server.  Please do not share publicly this link as it is only temporary.

Do Not Upload Checksheets, Policies into Assets
A reminder that there should be no checksheets or policy files loaded into assets In Ingeniux.  All Checksheet files should be submitted to Brian Meares in the Provosts office to be placed into the Sharepoint site, and those files are automatically posted to the web. Policies should be processed through your vice president's offices (those files, too, are loaded to SharePoint).
Department Checksheet pages
Each academic department can have its own checksheet page, contact Josh Leiboff for Information.
Individual Links to Checksheets, Policies unchanged
Any links to an individual checksheet or policy will remain unchanged on the new website. These links start with a URL like ""

Directory Profile To be Launched in Phase 2
The directory profiles for individual people will not launch with the first wave of our site (on or about June 17).  We hope to add this feature on to the site as soon as possible after we go live, goal is this summer.

Updating a Page After Publish
A reminder that the workflow process needs to be restarted to update a page after it's been published. Review the Standard Workflow PDF on the Web Training Resources page.

Check-In/Check out Button
There is a check-in and check-out button appearing on some users' edit and/or preview tabs.  These buttons will not work to check in or check out a page. We cannot remove them from your view, and have asked Ingeniux to fix this.  So, please ignore those buttons.

Don't Forget... check all links when migrating. All links to pages in the CMS should be internal links.
...To add page properties (title and abstract) add Alt Text to any images. review the web training resources for helpful videos and PDF walkthroughs.

May 17

Launch Date
We hope to launch our new website on or about June 17.

Training Continues
If you have not yet trained in the new system, or not yet scheduled your training, please do so ASAP. Refer to the emails you've received from Kelly Smith for training schedules.

More Training Resources Posted
We have posted more videos and printable walkthroughs to our CMS Training Resources page. Let Josh Leiboff know if you'd like other topics covered.

Things you don't need to Migrate
We are pulling information from central resources for the following items: Contact Us (maroon box under navigation), Directory Information, Checksheets, Policies, Navigation, Calls to Action. You should not have to create those pieces of your site. If you want a more detailed "Contact" page as part of your site tree, that is encouraged.  If there are changes needed for the Contact Us maroon box, please email me.

Also, we are building out the Academic Program Pages and will plug them into your area.  We will begin building these pages today and will be adding them to the various parts of the site tree in the coming days.  

Check Links
As you build out your content, be sure to check links. If you are copying and pasting from the old website (which we recommend), be sure to update any links to point to the new xID (for internal links) or asset reference (for links to any assets). Some internal links may not be ready yet, as other areas of the site are still being built, so you may need to come back to this.

Fill out your Page Properties
Don't forget about the page properties section of your pages.  This is found below the content area.  Expand it and fill out the title (required) and abstract (strongly encouraged). Both of these fields are critical for the page to be found in search results.

*Title should be UNIQUE from any other page on our site.  For instance, if the admissions office has a paged named "News" the title should be "News - Admissions Office"   

*Abstract should be a narrative description, no more than 160 characters.  In the above example, the abstract could be "News from and about the admissions office, find out what's going on with applications, deadlines and information prospective students need to know."

When You're Ready to Publish
You can advance each page/component through workflow to be published.  If you have your entire section ready to be published at once, you can send me the xID of the parent page of the section and I can process them all through to be published.  I will then send you a link so you can preview the live version on the migration server.  Please do not share publicly this link as it is only temporary.

May 6

Website Migration
The new Kutztown University website project is nearing the final stages. If you are a website content contributor and have not registered for training in the new version of Ingeniux, our content management system, please contact Kelly Smith ( as soon as possible.  We plan to launch our new website in mid-June, so content will need to be migrated by then if it is needed on the new website at launch.

Updating Publications/Correspondence with Links to Pages

If you have any publications (letters, emails, booklets, PDFs, fliers, etc.) that include links to the Kutztown University website - you will want to set time aside to check and update any of those links once the website launches. While we are doing what we can to preserve links on the new site (for instance, all short URLs setup through my office will remain active), some links will change as we streamline our site with this new version.

Academic Program feedback
For Academic Departments, if you have not provided feedback for academic program pages, we ask that you please take some time to fill out the form that was sent to you. 

Additional Photography Session for Faculty and Staff
On Wednesday, May 8, from 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. in Room 223 of the McFarland Student Union, all faculty and staff are invited to get a new headshot photograph taken. These photos will be used on the new website to populate our employee directory pages. All faculty and staff should get a new photograph taken at one of these photo shoots this spring. We ask that you do not wear neutral gray clothing, because our standard backdrop will be that color.

CMS Training Resources

If you have trained, visit the CMS training resources page for additional information, training videos, and links.

April 2019

  • Training Sessions have begun. Contact Kelly Smith if you would like to attend a training session and have not received an email invitation yet.

March 2019

  • If you would like to see what the new website will look like, visit the display outside of 217 Stratton Admin and on the first floor of Schock Education House. 
  • Training in the new version of Ingeniux begins in April. Look to your email for invitations to schedule training.
  • Program Detail Webpages - Communications and Marketing office working with a freelance writer to draft on-brand content for each Academic Program page. We will distribute forms to each program to gather content.
  • Keep your eyes on the Brief for announcements, including photo sessions for new profile photos.

January 2019

  • The information has been sent to campus users of our content management system, Ingeniux.  If you are a content contributor, please check your email or Email Josh Leiboff with questions.

December 2018

  • We have completed the initial design of our new website. Stay tuned for how you can preview the designs in the early spring semester.

May 2018

Dear Campus Community,

As we continue the project of redesigning the Kutztown University website to be a mobile-friendly responsive design, we will be asking each unit to assess its part of the website and assist with preparation for the site to be migrated to the new environment.  

This will include a shift in focus so that our site is not only viewable on all platforms, but is more mobile-first - as the trend of young people viewing our site primarily on mobile devices continues to grow.

We realize that there is no good time for extra work. We hope that giving ample time to prepare will allow for a smooth transition.  We do not want to migrate information that is out of date, documents that are no longer needed, etc.  

The new website will be created using a new version of our Content Management System, Ingeniux. It will be a brand new user interface so we will be offering updated training sessions.  More on that to come as we near migration.

Our goal is to launch the new website after the end of the spring 2019 semester.

What you should be doing/How you can help.

  • Keep your content up to date. Review your pages regularly.
  • Delete unwanted/out-of-date/extra copies of assets (images, documents).
  • Arrange a time to work with us to fully prepare your content for migration. Email Josh Leiboff to schedule.

Thank you all for your help with our project and continued support. We look forward to working with each of you as we continue.