Composition Course Descriptions

There are several different courses available to students who need to complete the Composition requirements in General Education, and the descriptions for those courses are available below. Not every course is taught each semester. Please check on myKU for current listings of course availability when considering course registration.

composition course descriptions

CMP 100: Effective Writing

Students in CMP 100 examine and practice writing in public and academic contexts. The course focuses on writing processes and provides sustained practice in critical thinking, reading, and writing demanded by academic and public writing. Student writing and student writers are at the center of the class. Assignments challenge students to expand their approaches to revision and to experiment with a wide variety of writer's techniques. Particular attention is paid to the intersections of audience, purpose, genre, and context. That is, you will consider not only what to write, but also to whom and in what forms. You will also examine the influences that the writer's and audience's circumstances can exert on composition. The conventions of writing, which may include diction, grammar, syntax, usage, and structure, are addressed as part of the process of writing, and students may study how these conventions change with context.

CMP 101: Writing History

Students in Writing History will write about historical change over time. They will investigate and write in a variety of genres. Assignments will invite discovery and encourage personal perspective. The goal is to cultivate confidence in the writing process, to connect with real audiences, and to critically analyze rhetorical choices.

CMP 200: Research and Composition

Students in CMP 200 practice research and research writing. Assignments challenge students to revise their work and to experiment with a variety of writer's tools as they put their own voice and perspectives into conversation with those of other writers and thinkers. The course focuses on: the development of research questions; the uses of library databases, the library, and digital resources to find information and perspectives; and writing with research. Particular attention is paid to developing intellectual curiosity, assessing sources' credibility, reading academic work and studies, and practicing ethical attribution and citation. Student writers are at the center of the class.

CMP 201: Introduction to Research and Writing in History and Social Studies

The course will provide a general introduction to the nature and methods of research that students of all majors may find useful during their college career and afterwards. Students will specifically develop and improve their skills in writing, research, and communication.

CMP 202: Analytical Writing

This course develops skills in analytical writing and critical thinking through studying and writing upon philosophical texts. Topics and figures covered vary. Philosophical writing focuses on formulating a thesis, gathering information and data for it, constructing arguments, and dealing with counterarguments. Such "soft skills" are crucial for success in academic fields as well as in business and personal life.

Updated: 31 Jan 2024