General Education at KU

General Education at KU is overseen by the General Education Program & Assessment Committee (GEPAC)

This page provides information related to the General Education Program at Kutztown University. Students will find lists of courses approved to be used towards a category requirement and a list of First-Year Seminar (FYS) class for the upcoming semester. Students can search for courses being offered that count towards their general education requirements on the course search system in MYKU. There are also FAQs that provide some information on the program including information for transfer students.

The full lists of approved General Education courses can be found here.


The purpose of the General Education Program & Assessment Committee (GEPAC) is to administer the General Education Program, and to collect and analyze assessment data from Kutztown University's General Education Program. The General Education Program consists of eight Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs). Each year, the GEPAC is charged with submitting data-informed recommendations to the division of Academic Affairs and the University Curriculum Committee on ways to improve the structure and content of the General Education Program at Kutztown University. The committee also oversees approval of courses into the General Education Program, and determines the categories that the courses are placed into.


College of Education Meg Norris
College of Business Feisal Murshed
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences George Hale / Lauren Levine /
College of Visual and Performing Arts Megan O'Byrne
At-Large Teaching Faculty Diana Ebersole
At-Large Teaching Faculty John Stanley
At-Large Teaching Faculty Alex Hernandez
At-Large Teaching Faculty Erin Kraal
At-Large Teaching Faculty Dannell MacIlwraith
At-Large Non-Teaching Faculty Krista Prock
Office of Assessment Michele Baranczyk N/A
Academic Affairs Karen Rauch N/A
Academic Dean Laurie McMillan N/A
Student Government Board TBD 2023 - 2024
Composition Coordinator Amy Lynch-Biniek N/A
FYS Faculty Fellow Tony Bleach N/A
Admin Support Bethany French N/A

The General Education Program & Assessment Committee (GEPAC) was formed by combining the former General Education Committe (GEC) and General Education Assessment Committee (GEAC) effective January 2024. GEPAC holds meetings open to the campus community once a month during the semester.

Spring 2024 Meeting Schedule:

  • January 23, 2024
  • February 15, 2024
  • March 21, 2024
  • April 18, 2024