Composition Courses

Composition courses are a key component in the General Education program at Kutztown University

What do CMP courses do?  

Composition courses, with the prefix CMP, focus on practice and instruction in writing. Special emphasis is placed on process. This includes idea-generation, planning, drafting, and revision. Revision is underscored as particularly important—most of the real learning and improving we do happens in revising our work.  

In these classes, you’ll consider the role that audience and purpose play in writing, choosing tools and strategies that are effective for the people and the moment to which you are writing. You will also be asked to practice writing in a variety of genres—that is, not just in the generic five-paragraph essay. 

You will also deepen your information literacy, learning how to find, evaluate, and integrate other’s texts into your own writing, ethically and artfully.  

Grammar, spelling, punctuation, and syntax are touched on in the courses, but these are not the focus of composition. Rather, these are just a few elements of the complex web of tools we use to communicate.  

Each professor teaching these courses may choose a theme for the readings and writing assignments, but otherwise will be focusing on similar aspects of improving written communication.  


Dr. Amy Lynch-Biniek, Composition Coordinator

Dr. Amy Lynch-Biniek is the Composition Coordinator in the General Education Program, providing professional development workshops and individual consultations for faculty teaching composition or using writing in their courses. She has served in this position in the English department since 2011 Dr. LB holds a degree in Composition from our sister school, Indiana University of PA; she’s been teaching writing, training faculty, and directing writing centers since 1996. In her free time, Dr. LB reads a lot of science fiction, plays too many hours of rpg video games, and fronts two long term D&D campaigns—as if being a college professor weren’t nerdy enough.

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