Information on the General Education Program

General Education at Kutztown University is designed to provide students with a foundation of learning a variety of subject areas. The Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE) identifies and reaffirms the significance and value of General Education, stating that

       General Education is aligned with the liberal education approach to learning and it is the part of a university undergraduate curriculum that is shared by all students. It ensures that students acquire a breadth of knowledge and provides a basis for developing essential learning outcomes. Learning across traditions and disciplines fosters the integration of knowledge and develops skills in diversity, civic and cultural awareness, communication, problem-solving, and critical analysis. Within General Education, student learning outcomes consist less in the mastery of disciplinary content than in the acquisition of the skills, values, awareness, understanding, perspective, and appreciation that are the foundation for informed citizenship in a democratic society, innovation, and career readiness. General Education is also a foundational component of employability skills.  

Furthermore, PASSHE set guidelines that align with Middle States Accreditation guidelines and define General Education. Kutztown University incorporated these guidelines into its institutional Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs). The content of the General Education program meets these content requirements:  

• Oral and written communication

• Scientific and quantitative reasoning

• Technological competence

• Information literacy

• Intercultural knowledge and competency

• Values, ethics and diverse perspectives

• 40-48 Credits.

Kutztown University General Education Proposal presented by the General Education Redesign Committee - Fall 2017


General Education Checksheet

General Education Learning Outcomes