What is an internship?

An internship is a carefully monitored experience with intentional learning goals. Kutztown University provides credit-bearing internships through our academic departments. Department supervision supports student and employer needs. You can intern in almost any area of study in almost any part of the country or even abroad. Employers often use internships to gain a first in-depth look at prospective employees for their full-time, permanent positions. Your first step is to contact your academic department internship coordinator to begin the process.

Why is an internship important & what are the benefits?               
Experiential learning is the single most effective way to obtain employment after graduation. Through interning you are able to:

  • Learn more about a chosen field and gain industry knowledge
    Learn new skills and apply what is learned in the classroom to "real life situations"
  • Explore career options, likes and dislikes, with little time or monetary investment
  • Earn academic credit and/or wages (if applicable)
  • Network and develop professional contacts in your field of study
  • Increase your self-confidence and professionalism
  • Accumulate evidence of your abilities and become a more competitive candidate
  • Find out before graduation what you would like to do after graduation