Pre-Law Advisors

If at any point you consider a career in the law, it is important to talk to a pre-law advisor who can provide specific advice on attending law school and pursuing a legal career, as well as your major advisor. Every pre-law advisor will provide you with the time and information to help you decide if attending law school is the next step. The two pre-law advisors who chair this committee are: Keith Logan and Judith Rauenzahn. They may be contacted by clicking on the links below. Additional pre-law advisors are listed below. If there isn't a pre-law advisor listed for your major, you may contact any pre-law advisor listed.

Professor Keith G. Logan, Esq. (on sabbatical 2018-2019)

 Department of Criminal Justice

 Associate Professor Judith S. Rauenzahn, Esq.

Department of Psychology

Other Kutztown University Pre-Law advisors are: