Extracurricular and Job Experience

If you have really a strong LSAT score and a high GPA, extracurricular activities and job experience probably will be less important than if your numbers are lower. If you don't, they may play a more important role. In addition, extracurriculars and job experience often are a route to strong letters of recommendation. They also may help schools get a better picture of who you are and that you do more than just take classes and nothing else. Most majors have clubs and Kutztown University has a prelaw club (look for notices posted in Old Main). But extracurricular experiences can be anything you are excited about. Get involved in KU student government, join some service organizations. Volunteer somewhere. It is probably best to pick only a few activities that you put time into rather than many different ones that you spend little time on. Start your extracurricular activities long before you plan to apply to law school. If it is clear to law schools that you only just joined these activities in order to put them on your application, this will not impress them. If your main activity and passion outside of school is your job, go into detail on your applications about it. For example, talk about some important event, something impressive you did at work, etc. - just remember to keep things confidential (don't use other people's real names without permission). Highlight things that show you used skills that would also be important to law school. And of course, if you are applying after you have worked for a while post-graduate, your work experience can be even more important.