KU Style Guide


Never abbreviate. Capitalize the proper names of buildings, including the word building if it is an integral part of the proper name: the Empire State Building, Beekey Education Center,
de Francesco Building, Grim Science Building, Honors Building, Sharadin Arts Building, Kemp Building, borough of Kutztown, Maxatawny Township, etc.

Kutztown University Buildings

Academic Forum
Admissions Center
Alumni Plaza
Beck Hall
Beekey Education Center
Berks Hall
Boehm Science CenterBoehm rhymes with name.
Bonner Hall
Boxwood House
Campus Store
College Hill Memorial Grove
Deatrick Hall
de Francesco Building – DEE-fran-chess-co. Space after the second letter, and the third letter is capitalized, not the first.
Dixon Hall
Dixon Marketplace
DMZ – the open space located between residence halls on south campus.
Facilities Maintenance Building
Freyberger Schoolhouse
Georgian Room
Golden Bear Plaza
Golden Bear Village South - apartment-style residential complex; not a residence hall.
Golden Bear Village West - apartment-style residential complex; not a residence hall.
Graduate Center
Grim Family Homestead - formerly Maple Manor
Grim Science Building
Health and Wellness Center
Honors Building
Johnson Hall
Keystone Courts – Tennis
Keystone Field
Keystone Hall
Kutztown – the accurate way to say Kutztown: the first syllable "KUTZ" rhymes with "PUTS" or if the plural of foot was "FOOTS."
Lehigh Hall
Lytle Hall – LIE-tuhl. Rhymes with title.
Marcon Platz
McFarland Student Union Building
Miller Gallery
Multicultural Center
North Campus Field – Baseball
North Campus Field – Softball
O’Pake Fieldhouse
Old Main
Pennsylvania German Cultural Heritage Center
Poplar House
President’s House
Rhein Environmental Study Area
Rickenbach Learning Center – last syllable rhymes with hawk, not hack. The official name is Rickenbach Research and Learning Center. The Learning Center is in Rickenbach. First references to the Learning Center as if it were a building are confusing to many students and visitors. Upon second reference in a story or document “the Learning Center” is appropriate.
Risley Hall – RIZZ-lee
Rohrbach Library – ROAR-bok
Rothermel Hall – RAW-thurr-mull
Schaeffer Auditorium
Schock Education House
Schuylkill Hall – SKOO-kuhl
Sharadin Arts Building
South Dining Hall
St. Christopher Catholic Newman Center
Stratton Administration Center
Student Recreation Center
University Field at Andre Reed Stadium
University Place
Wiesenberger Alumni Center – WEE-zen-burr-gur