Current Membership

James Ludlow

Mr. Jim Ludlow


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Robert Grim

Mr. Robert Grim, Esq.

Vice Chairperson

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Dennis Giorno

Mr. Dennis Giorno '94


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Phillips Armstrong

Mr. Phillips Armstrong '71


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Charles Blocksidge

Dr. Charles Blocksidge '65


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Dan Greenstein

Dr. Dan Greenstein

Chancellor, State System of Higher Education

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Kevin Harden

Mr. Kevin Harden Jr. '07, Esq.


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Thomas Heck

Mr. Thomas Heck


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Dianne Lutz

Mrs. Dianne Lutz


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Guido Pichini

Mr. Guido Pichini '74


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Evan Santos

Mr. Evan Santos '23

Student Trustee

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John Wabby

Mr. Jack Wabby '69


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Ken Hawkinson

Dr. Kenneth Hawkinson


Toyia Heyward

Ms. Toyia Heyward

Senior Executive Associate to the President