Group Meal Tickets

Kutztown University Dining Services offers a method for University Departments and student groups to provide pre-paid meal tickets for visiting groups, students, faculty, and staff to eat in the Cub Café or South Dining Hall.

The process for requesting group meal tickets is:

  1. In order to properly staff and prepare food for additional guests, the person ordering should contact the dining services vendor at least two weeks in advance by emailing The e-mail should include the following information: 
    • Contact Person:
    • Department:
    • Contact Person's Phone Number:
    • Event or Group Name:
    • Date(s) of Meal(s):
    • Meal Type: Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner
    • Number of Tickets Requested per meal:
    • PO Number: (PR numbers will not be accepted)
    • Location: Cub Cafe or South Dining Hall
  2. The dining vendor will respond to the email inquiry during the weekdays, within 24 hours, to confirm the receipt of the request and provide further details about the event.
  3. The dining vendor will print and make the meal tickets available at least one week prior to the event date.
  4. During the academic year, the pickup location will be South Dining Hall cashier station. During other days of the year, the ticket pickup will be arranged on a case by case basis.
  5. The dining vendor will collect the tickets on the date of the event and charge according to the number of tickets collected. The invoice with the final billing amount is sent out each week on Thursdays.

The door rates for meal tickets are:

Internal Door Rates:

Breakfast: $ 7.95 
Lunch: $ 9.10 
Dinner: $ 10.20 
Late Night: $ 9.10 

External Door Rates:

Breakfast: $10.20 
Lunch: $11.35 
Dinner: $12.50 
Late Night: $11.40