Frequently Asked Questions

Meal Plan Questions

  • Can I check my meal and flex dollars balances?

    Find your Dining Flex Dollar balances at the bottom of your receipt from dining locations on campus. Or simply ask the cashier what your balance is. You can also track your meal and FLEX balances and transactions online by logging into your MyKU (Menu Item KU Card).

  • How do I access my meal plan?

    All students can access their meal plan, as well as sign up for a meal plan, by stopping in the office (106 Old Main) or using

  • How do I use my meal plan in the residential dining venues?

    A student’s ID has their meal plan loaded for the semester. All you need to do is present your ID card to the cashier at the South Dining Hall or Cub Café and the cashier swipes the ID and allows you access. Please keep in mind that once you swipe there is a 15-minute block until you can swipe again. As well, if you swipe at the Cub Café for a lunch or dinner take-out you will be block from swiping again until the next time zone (lunch take-out next swipe 4 p.m. dinner and dinner take-out next swipe 8 p.m. late night. If you need additional information please contact the Housing and Dining Services Office in 106 Old Main.

  • If I live on-campus, am I required to have a meal plan?

    Students living in the traditional and suite style residence halls must have the My Time Diamond, MyTime Platinum, or MyTime Gold Meal Plan. Students living in the Golden Bear Village Apartments, Honors Building and Efficiency Apartments in Dixon Hall may choose any meal plan.

  • What happens if my ID card is lost, stolen, or damaged?

    Students are encouraged to suspend their ID card online at the KU Card Website if they believe their card is lost or stolen. Suspended cards will be refused by all register card reader systems if anyone tries to use it. ID cards may be reinstated online at the website above. If you find an ID card that does not belong to you please turn it into Public Safety immediately.

    Any ID cards that are damaged and no longer accepted by the register card reader systems must be replaced. New and replacement ID cards can be purchased at the One Card Office in Academic Forum.

  • Who May Have A Meal Plan?

    Any student registered for classes may purchase a meal plan.