de Francesco Renovation Steering Committee

Dr. Kenneth Hawkinson President
Dr. Anne Zayaitz  Provost and VP for Academic Affairs
Ken Steward Associate VP for Academic Financial Management
Dr. Anne Carroll Dean, College of Business
Troy Vingom Assistant VP for Information Technology
Kevin Schukraft Director of Support Services, Information Technology
Prof. Elizabeth Rogol Chair, Sport Management and Leadership Studies Department
Dr. Gary Chao Faculty, Business Administration Department
Dr. Ernie Post State Director PA SBDC, KU-SBDC
Terry Brown Assistant VP Facilities, Facilities Maintenance & Construction
William Leech Associate Director/PM, Facilities Project Services
Matt Delaney VP Finance & Facilities and CFO
Carol Sztaba University Architect

The Project Steering Committee's primary function is to ensure the various programmatic elements needed by the users of the facility, as outlined in the project feasibility study, are appropriately incorporated into the project design while maintaining the project within the budget as previously established by the feasibility study.

In practice this primary function is carried out by performing the following:

  1. Establishing a membership that is representative of key users/stakeholders of the facility.
  2. Establish a committee Chair or Co-Chairs to provide committee leadership.
  3. Conducting timely and regular meetings to review project designs and provide required input and direction to the designers regarding programmatic elements.
  4. Timely and effective review of design submissions with building users/department(s) that the committee member represents.
  5. Provide timely resolution of conflicting programmatic elements; programmatic elements that conflict with code requirements; or other programmatic/policy issues elevated to the committee by the Project Manager.
  6. Review user-requested construction change orders that are outside the established scope of the project, recommend approval/disapproval to the President and/or his designated cabinet-level official, and secure funding for any approved changes.