Honors Society

Alpha Epsilon Lambda finds its distinguished presence at Kutztown University as the host institution for the esteemed Gamma Chapter. This chapter holds historical significance as it represents the inception of the first honor society exclusively dedicated to graduate students within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Nationally recognized, Alpha Epsilon Lambda stands as a prominent honor society for graduate and professional school students, driven by a mission to confer distinction for exceptional achievement, foster leadership development, advance scholarly pursuits, encourage intellectual growth, enrich the academic landscape of graduate institutions, and uphold rigorous standards of ethical conduct.

Aspiring graduate students seeking membership in the Gamma Chapter at Kutztown University are required to meet specific criteria. This includes the completion of a minimum of 12 graduate semester hours, attainment of a graduate quality point average ranking within the upper 35% of all currently enrolled graduate students at the University, and a demonstrated record of leadership and service to both the campus and the community. For further details and inquiries, interested individuals are invited to contact the Graduate Office.

The leadership of the Gamma Chapter is entrusted to Chapter President Dr. Carl Sheperis and Chapter Secretary Melissa Lincoln. The invitation and induction ceremony are conducted biannually during the Spring and Fall semesters, with invitations extended to all eligible graduate students who have fulfilled the stipulated requirements.

The admission process involves a comprehensive review by the committee of submitted applications, leading to the determination of successful candidates. Upon receiving the committee's decision, students are afforded the opportunity to accept membership.

Alpha Epsilon Lambda is a prestigious honor society that celebrates and promotes the achievements of graduate and professional school students, emphasizing academic excellence, leadership, and community service as core values. Membership in this society reflects a commitment to both personal and societal development within the context of advanced education. A lifetime membership fee of $60 is applicable for individuals admitted into Alpha Epsilon Lambda. Should you require additional information or clarification, please do not hesitate to contact the Graduate Office.