Records Request & Confidentiality

As a member of the PASSHE system, Kutztown University follows FERPA  guidelines to protect the confidentiality of all student health records.   

Both Clinical Services and Health Administrative Services follow the guidelines established by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Therefore, the relationship between you and any of staff members of these units under Health & Wellness Services maintain strict confidentiality about Protected Health Information (PHI). Information in your patient file at Kutztown University can be released only with your written consent. You may request information in your chart in writing or in person. There is no charge to obtain information.

Below is the FERPA compliant records request for your convenience:

Authorizations are required for release of information to:

  • Parents (unless student is a minor).
  • Physicians and nurse practitioners.
  • Attorneys (by subpoena only).
  • Insurance companies.
  • Schools.
  • Law enforcement agencies; without client consent, a court order or a search warrant is needed.
  • Immigration and naturalization service.
  • Employers.
  • Welfare agencies.
  • Social Security Administration.
  • Veterans Administration.
  • Internal Revenue Service.
  • Civil Service departments.
  • Courts without a Subpoena Duces Tecum.
  • Designee of student (18 yrs of age or older).

Authorizations are NOT REQUIRED for release of information to: 

  • Another health care facility via telephone when the information is needed for DIRECT EMERGENCY CARE of the client.
  • State and local health departments and/or other agencies.