New KU Ellucian Banner Program

What is Banner and how does it work?

Banner will be the university’s ERP (enterprise resource planning) system, which is a fancy way of saying it’s the centralized system that Kutztown University will use to support the business of running the university. Everything from awarding financial aid, registering for classes or paying the university’s bills will be done in Banner.  Banner will be replacing our current ERP (MyKU/PeopleSoft) starting with the Fall of 2024 term.  

Ellucian, a company that focuses on higher education software, provides Banner to the university. You may also hear the terms “SSB (or Self-Service Banner or Banner Self-Service)” or “Application Navigator (or App Nav)”; these are just two different ways Banner has of presenting information to the user. Generally, most people are working in SSB when they’re using Banner.
Banner itself is comprised of several modules that correspond with different functional areas at Kutztown University.  

  • Banner Admissions contains functionality to support the matricultion of students to the university and is integrated into the university's CRM (Slate).
  • Banner Financial Aid is what Student Financial Services uses to track the financial aid packages provided to students, manage their scholarships and work-study awards, and provide student financial reports to the federal government.
  • Banner Student contains student, course and other academic data, and it supports advising, course scheduling, registration, grading and other academic activities at the university. 
  • Banner Student Accounts is a subset of Banner Student that we use to track students’ bills for tuition, housing and other fees.

Related Tools

We use several other Ellucian products alongside Banner to support university business.   


Argos allows departments to run reports against Banner data. Often, departments combine Argos reports with other Banner functionality to create workflows or other similar tasks. 

Banner Communication Management (BCM)

Banner Communication Management is used to create, send, and manage communications to constiutients across the university. 

Banner Document Manager (BDM)

Banner Document Manager is used to store scanned documents, including high school transcripts, requests for academic or schedule adjustments, and alumni donation information, along with other documents of that nature. 

Degree Works (DW)

Degree Works is the university's degree audit and academic advising and planning system.


Experience is the portal to university's portal to technology resources.  It will provide access to Banner Self-Service, Reporting, etc.


FormFusion is used by several departments to generate email or letter communications automatically to employees and students.

Intelligent Learning Platform (ILP)

Intelligent Learning Platform will integrate two-way communications between Banner and D2L Learning Management System.


Insights is the university's reporting system for Banner Self-Service/Experience users. Insights provides an intuiative interface to enable end users to access information.

Workflow (WF)

Workflow will provide electronic workflows to streamline processes and increase efficiency.