Arts Alive!

KU Presents! brings you three FREE outdoor concerts this April! Reserve your tickets and bring your chairs!

  • Each of these three concert dates will be located in the rear lawn of Schaeffer Auditorium, and also live-streamed.
  • Performances will begin at 6pm.
  • Tickets are free, with an option to contribute either a small donation, or pay the price of what a ticket would cost during our normal season.
April 16th!

Poor Man's Gambit

April 16th @ 6pm

Featuring virtuosic musicianship, tasteful arrangements, and lilting vocals, Poor Man’s Gambit is one of the most recognized modern Irish traditional groups in America. Corey Purcell (button accordion, cittern, bodhran, vocals, and dance), Deirdre Lockman (fiddle and vocals), and Federico Betti (guitar and fiddle) bring together three diverse musical backgrounds which complement the other’s musical styles both on stage and in the studio. The trio’s latest album 'Land of Sunshine' showcases a carefully selected offering of spirited tunes balanced with an equal number of expressively performed songs.

April 23rd!

Living Standards

April 23rd @ 6pm

Living Standards is a culmination of Karl Latham’s protean imagination for transformative musical projects which unite sophisticated musicianship with themes that embrace a wider listenership and a personal relationship with preeminent musicians. Convened by inventive powerhouse, Karl Latham, Living Standards embodies high level collective group playing, improvisation with rhythmic and harmonic adventure traveling in a vehicle of iconic popular music standards from the 60’s and 70’s. Songs as ingrained in our collective consciousness as Low rider, Day Tripper, Tomorrow Never Knows, are reimagined and take on a new and renewed life. Karl is fond of referring to this project as Living Standards aka “Jazz for Everyone”.

Double  Feature On April 30th!

De Tierra Caliente

April 30th @ 6pm

A Latin fusion band whose music fills the air with bright colors and gets everybody up and dancing. Catchy melodies and unaffected lyrics fuse with Latin, Caribbean and Brazilian rhythms to inspire an irresistible North/South American party. De Tierra Caliente delivers the sabor, spice and alegría of warm-weather countries to American audiences, where formidable winters and nose-to-the-grindstone work ethic sometimes overshadow simple pleasures like sharing a meal with friends or going out dancing. At a show you can't help but heat up as intoxicating songs in Spanish, English and Portuguese sing out the bright colors and familial warmth of a South American kitchen.

SHARP Dance Company

April 30th @ 7:30pm

SHARP Dance Company was established in 2005. The company is a 501 (c)(3) modern dance company and its theory of “meaning behind movement” is shown prominently throughout their work. SHARP feels that dance should be more than a performance, it should be an experience. SHARP blends classic dance technique with intriguing stories that speak to the human experience, which creates an artistic experience that is relatable to all audiences.