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Join us for a unique series of live-streamed presentations from Kutztown University's Planetarium & Observatory that we're calling "Cosmically Distant".  While we cannot open the planetarium for public events at this time, we are exploring the cosmos with our remote-controlled on-campus telescopes in the C. R. Chambliss Astronomical Observatory.

Throughout the series, we're using multiple different observing techniques.  Live visual observing is good for the moon and bright planets, and astrophotography allows us to image more distant objects like galaxies and star clusters.  We also demonstrate the use of precision photometry in our hunt for exoplanets and our studies of variable stars, and we reveal stellar compositions and motions using our spectroscopy instruments.

Due to the need for clear skies and available telescope time, there is an impromptu nature to the Cosmically Distant series.  Announcements are typically made within 24 hours prior to an event.

Be sure to get an email invitation to every event by registering for the mailing list here.

Cosmically Distant will continue through May 2021.

Under normal circumstances ...

The Kutztown University Planetarium is located on the ground floor of the Grim Science Building, and is labeled Room 100. The planetarium is used for introductory astronomy laboratory exercises and for the university's Astronomy Outreach Program. The KU Planetarium features a full-dome digital projection system and surround sound.

In addition to Public Planetarium Shows and Special Events, local school groups and scouting troops frequently take field trips to the KU Planetarium.

All shows are followed by a question & answer period with KU's astrophysicist and planetarium director Dr. Phill Reed.