The Maroon Path (First Year Experience)

Logo for the Golden Paw Program, image in shape of paw print with "Academic Enrichment" "Accountability" "Community Engagement" "Diversity" "Empowerment" each on a pad of the paw print. In palm of paw print says "Integrity" above "The Golden Paw", with "First and Second Year Experience Program" below.
What Residence Life Will Provide
  • First Year Transition Email Series

    Each First Year student will be sent an email each week addressing a specific topic area. Sample topic areas are Homesickness, Course Selection, Campus Resources, and Financial Aid.

  • Monthly Newsletter of Resources/Highlights

    Residence Life will produce a newsletter each month featuring trending monthly student issues as well as departmental programs, processes, and events.

  • Bear Tracks Workshop Series
    • Bear Tracks is a series of workshops that promote the department's 6 Core Values. The series will feature presentations from the Office of Residence Life as well as departments across campus.
    • Although First Year Students will have the ability to attend all the programs offered through Bear Tracks, there will be workshops that focus specifically on the issues that First Year Students face.
    • A calendar of workshops will be listed in the newsletter each month.

    Click here to view the Fall 2020 BearTracks calendar!

  • Get A Room Program
    • The Get A Room Program aims to assist First Year and Transfer Students in becoming more familiar with KU offices, resources, and services, as well as provide opportunities for them to meet other students and get involved.
    • The Get A Room Program features a list of tasks for participants to complete. Examples of tasks are meeting with an academic advisor, attending a meeting of a student organization, visiting an office that serves as a campus resource.
    • Student who complete the Get A Room program will have their $75 Housing Application Fee waived.

    Click here for the Fall 2020 Get a Room form.

  • Community Development and Spirit Initiatives
    • The Retention Program Coordinator facilitates initiatives each month to build community and enhance University Pride.
    • Examples of such programs are: Window Decorating Contest for Homecoming, Door Decorating Contests for Halloween, and Tailgate before a football game.                
  • Habitudes Leadership Program
    • Habitudes is a leadership development program offered in the Spring. There are a number of series within the program. Habitudes focuses on developing leadership habits and attitudes.  
    • First Year students will have the opportunity to participate in a series that focuses on developing the skills necessary for a successful transition from high school to college and build their leadership skills.
    • A curriculum is provided and the series will be presented by professionals from the Residence Life Staff.

    To sign up for the Spring 2020 semester, complete this form by December 6th, 2019.

    If you have any questions or concerns please contact

What You Can Do
  • Check your emails in the beginning of every week for your FY Transition Email filled with important resources for you!
  • Read the monthly newsletter specifically made for you.
  • Attend at least one workshop/program under each core value.
  • Participate in the Get A Room Program.
  • Participate/attend Community Development/Spirit initiatives.
  • Participate in the Habitudes Leadership Series.

Students who complete the Maroon and Golden Paths will receive a Certificate of Completion to place on their resume.