Carlson R. Chambliss Faculty Research Award

The Chambliss Faculty Research Award, inaugurated in 2004 through a gift from Dr. Carlson R. Chambliss, professor emeritus of physical science, is meant to recognize the very highest achievement in research and scholarship and can be awarded only once within a person's career.


Mohammad Ashraf Adeel
Andrew Arnold
Allan Back
Kunal Das
Matthew Daub
James Delle
Albert Fu
Michael Gabriel
Michael Gambone
Cheryl Hochberg
Yong Huang
Mauricia John
Patricia Kelleher
Yongjae Kim
John Lizza
Avidan Milevsky
Mostafa Maksy
Amy Pfeiler-Wunder
Al Pisciotta
Willis Rapp
Phillip Reed
Marc Renzema
Gregory Setliff
Laura Sherrod
Kim Shively
Edward Simpson
Marilyn Stewart
Evan Summer
Dan Talley
Sarah Tindall
William Towne
Valerie Trollinger
Todd Underwood
Francis Vasko
Edward Vitz
Glenn Walters
Mark Wolfmeyer
Wing Hong Tony Wong
Yun Lu
Maximiliano Zuniga