John P. Schellenberg Award

The John P. Schellenberg Award for Excellence in Teaching and Learning was established by John P. Schellenberg, emeritus professor of physical science, faculty alumni and friends to recognize an early career faculty member who has demonstrated outstanding work.


Dean Ballas
Angela Cirucci
Brooks Emerick
Robert “Moe” Folk
Heather Fountain
Lisa Frye
Janice Gasker   
Randy Kaplan
Brian Kronenthal
Pierette Kulpa
Kevin Mahoney
Keith Massie
Lynn McQuaid
Khori Newlander
Christine Nunez
Adrienne Oakley
Phillip Reed
C.J. Rhoads
George Sirrakos
Gregory Shelley
Wing Hong Tony Wong

More information on the John P. Shellenberg Award can be found on the Center for Engaged Learning Website