Case Study: Kutztown Community Partnership

As a relatively new organization, The Agency has been focused on working with the Kutztown Community Partnership on a variety of initiatives. This year, we are supporting the KCP in its efforts to purchase and restore the old Strand Movie Theater in downtown Kutztown. Built in 1912, the building is in need of repair and renovation to become a safe and inviting theater and community space.

The Agency has also worked with local military veterans and the KCP to create “The Kutztown Community Veterans Heritage Project,” which recognizes past and present veterans from the greater Kutztown area. Veterans are interviewed by volunteers about their service, those interviews are recorded, transcribed, and then written in narrative format with a goal of publishing a book that includes all of the veterans’ stories. Agency students have created logo concepts, website design, historical research, and have participated in editing the stories.

The Borough of Kutztown’s Downtown Mural Project includes a series of eye-catching public art pieces, about which Agency students have secured media coverage.

KCP logo, depictions of buildings, trees at the KU clock tower, aside the text "Kutztown Community Partnership, Keepin it Kutztown"