DUE DATES: Summer 2023 applications due May 19, 2023. Fall 2023 applications due August 18, 2023. Spring 2024 applications due January 12, 2024.

The Department of Business Administration Internship Program is designed to enhance the student's formal academic education by creating an arena for the practical integration of knowledge. The internship experience provides students the opportunity to test skills and knowledge via exposure to an actual institution, a non-profit or commercial enterprise. Students benefit both personally and professionally from the expanded perspectives provided by the professional supervisor and the guidance of the faculty supervisor.

  • Qualifying for an Internship for Credit

    Internship qualifications:

    • Have, or will have, 60 credits completed by the beginning of the term in which the internship will occur
    • Have, or will have, 21 credits in Business Administration by the beginning of the term in which the internship will occur
    • Have, or will have, a QPA of 2.0 or better in your major
    • Have, or will have, an overall QPA of 2.0 or better

    Internship policies:

    • Complete at least 150 internship work hours and successfully complete the internship assignments
    • Internships are graded on a pass/fail basis
    • Students may qualify for up to two internships (no more than 3 credits each).
    • If doing two internships, the second internship can only be with the same company if the job responsibilities are different from one another
  • General Instructions

    Once you have accepted an internship position, you should:

    1. Check to see if the organization is listed on the Internship Agreement Listing If the organization is not listed the employer must complete the Kutztown University Internship Agreement. The agreement must be typed (do not hand-write), printed and signed by the employer and given to you to be submitted with the internship packet.

    2. Contact the employer to complete the Employer Confirmation Form. The agreement must be typed (do not hand-write), printed and signed by the employer and given to you to be submitted with the internship packet.

    3. Select your faculty supervisor. The faculty supervisor will ensure your internship application packet is complete, work with you during your internship, set expectations for reporting on your internship, evaluate your submitted work and assign the grade for your internship.

    Completed Internship packets must include:

    1. All items listed below must be attached to your internship packet before you submit to your faculty supervisor for approval:

      1. Internship Cover Sheet
      2. Internship Request form
      3. Your current resume (resume help)
      4. Employer Confirmation form
      5. Internship job description either from the KU Career Network or the employer
      6. Kutztown University Internship Agreement (if needed)
      7. Your current transcript (from MyKU)
      8. BUS 390: Internship Assessment form

    2. You must review the information and application with your faculty internship supervisor. Submit completed and signed packets to the Department Office in DF 233 or via email at

    Please Note:

    • The complete packet will be reviewed by the DBA Internship Committee, which must approve all for-credit internships. The internship will not count for credit without the committee approval.  The Internship Committee Approval process includes two elements: Approving the internship position as appropriate for course credit, and approving the internship applicant as meeting the requirements of BUS 390. (Incomplete packets will be returned to your faculty supervisor.)
    • After your internship has been reviewed by the Internship Committee, the Committee forwards it to the Department Chair and Assistant Dean of the College of Business for their approval.
    • The DBA Secretary will send you an email informing you whether or not the internship has been approved. Once the internship is approved, the Internship Request form is forwarded to the Registrar’s Office who will add the BUS 390 course to your schedule. You must complete any schedule adjustment changes (if necessary) after the internship has been added to your schedule. 
  • Find an Internship

    To find an internship, visit Handshake at the Career Development Center.

  • Tuition and Fees

    Credits for BUS 390, when added to student account:

    Your invoice notification will direct you to MyKU to view your invoice and the due date for payment. For more details, please visit student accounts.

    For Summer Session Internships, per University policy:

    “Students registering for these special types of instruction must comply with the registration deadline date for the session in which they are taking the course. The deadline is Wednesday of Week 1 of either Summer Session. Once the course is properly submitted and added to the student’s schedule, a bill will be generated and mailed to the student for payment of tuition”.

  • Who is hiring Kutztown University Business Administration Students?

    Kutztown University Business students have found internships at the companies listed below. 

    Baker Tilly Herbein & Co. Penske
    Barclays JB Hunt PPL Electric Utilities
    B. Braun Medical KPMG RKL LLP
    DHL Lutron SEI Investments
    East Penn LVHN Uline
    Enterprise Rent a Car Mars UPS
    Ernst & Young MassMutual Vanguard Group
    FedEx Nestle Water Walmart
    GEODIS NFI Wells Fargo

                                                     Please note that this is not a comprehensive list.  


The Career Development Center has numerous events and resources to help you create and reach your career goals.

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