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Instructional Coach Endorsement


Instructional Coaching is one method of professional development that has shown potential to improve the knowledge, skills and practices of teachers, thus enhancing student achievement. Instructional coaching as a professional development activity involves a highly skilled professional (the coach) working with other professionals (the teachers) in a collegial manner to
raise instructional practice to the highest possible level. Coaches will lead teachers in reflective and inquiry-based professional development that advances collective leadership, continuous improvement of instructional practices and improved student achievement (from the PDE guidelines).

  • Admission Requirements
    • Evidence of three years of effective teaching experience
    • A valid PA Instructional I or II certificate or equivalent from another state
    • An official university transcript
  • Instructional Coach Endorsement Required Courses

    There are 4 required courses to earn the PDE Instructional Coaching Endorsement Certificate. They include the following:

    Data Based Decision Making
    ERS 574 Assessment of Reading: Clinical Practicum in Reading Diagnosis
    EDU 526: Data Driven Decision Making 

    ERS 577 Leadership for Reading Educators
    ELU 541: EDU 541 Supervision of Instruction           

    Adult Learning Theories
    ELU 531:Adult Learning Theory and Foundations in Instructional Coaching

    Coaching Practicum
    ELU 532: Practicum in Instructional Coaching

  • Coaching Endorsement Practicum Information

    80 hours of fieldwork are required by completion of the program. We have designed our courses so that candidates accrue the hours as they progress. 

    15 hours will be completed in the leadership course, 10 hours will be completed in the assessment course, 25 hours will be completed in the foundational coaching course,  and 30 hours will be completed in the final practicum course.

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