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Student & Alumi News


Visual Impairment majors presenting at the 2015 Pennsylvania-Delaware Chapter Conference of the Association and Rehabilitation of the Blind and Visually Impaired

Heather Brown and Alicia Hornberger

Heather Brown and Alicia Hornberger

Paige Weaver and McKenzie Hollenbach 

Paige Weaver and McKenzie Hollenbach

Emily Stemmler, Stephanie Carmicheal, and Alyssa Sedor

Emily Stemmler, Stephanie Carmicheal, and Alyssa Sedor

Council for Exceptional Children

Jessica Kolvites receiving the 2016 National CEC Division on Visual Impairments and Deaf-Blindness Student of the Year Award

Visual Impairment majors presenting at the Council for Exceptional Children National Conference, Saint Louis, 2016

Abby Gifford (left) and Brittany Larkin (right)

Alicia Hornberger

Heather Browne

Philadelphia, 2014

 CEC 2014

L to R, Top: Tiffany Jones, Allison Epting, Anna Tellis, Dr. Nicole Johnson, Jessica Kolvitz, Jenna McElroy
Bottom: Katherine Flick, Geneva Steinnman



The Undergraduate Research and Creativity Conference is a convention that showcases regional undergraduate research and creativity. The following students presented their behavioral research at the annual conference.  



Caitlyn Manmiller 

Lauren Sobczak 


Thomas Persing 

Thomas Persing

Alexa Schaeffer

Alexa Schaeffer

Michael Rile

Michael Rile
Justyna Kawa

Justyna Kawa


Wayne Downs

Jennifer Fegley

Darci Wolf



Allyssa Miara standing next to a behavior intervention plan presentation board

 Allyssa Miara

Sarah Baugh lecturing in a classroom

Sarah Baugh

Nicole Calise

Chelsea Lubenesky lecturing in a classroom

Chelsea Lubenesky

Nicole Zulli lecturing in a classroom

Nicole Zulli

Rachel Laura lecturing in a classroom

Rachel Laura

Jennifer Savage lecturing in a classroom

Jennifer Savage

Megan Sheenan lecturing in a classroom

Megan Sheenan



Justin Giles lecturing in a classroom

Justin Giles

Chris Scagliotti lecturing in a classroom

Chris Scagliotti

Meghan Maloney lecturing in a classroom

Meghan Maloney

Tara Michael lecturing in a classroom

Tara Michael

Matthew Rightler lecturing in a classroom

Matthew Reightler


Elementary Education/Special Education Professional Semester Excellence Award

Based on the recommendations of cooperating teachers and supervising faculty, The Department of Special Education recognizes a student teacher who demonstrates exceptional ability during his/her Professional Semester placement.  The following students have received this distinction. 



Kristen Hockenbury, Spring 2013 


Wayne Downs, Fall 2012


Cuenca, Ecuador

Kutztown University has established a relationship with the University L'Azuay in Cuenca, Ecuador, where students and professors travel to and are immersed in Ecuadoran schools and culture. 


Johnna Marie Panza, Megan Humphry, Margaux Brandt, Chelsea Drob, Kara Leibensberger,

Brookeann Coco, Colleen Hayes, Carly Kessler, Kathryn Kristoff, and Doctor Cardenuto