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Special Education Programs

The programs housed in our department of Special Education are well-known for their excellence and establishment throughout the state of Pennsylvania. We offer both Special Education and Visual Impairment certifications that prepare our teacher candidates for instructing the unique and gifted group of individuals who require Special Education services. Though these programs are diverse in their own respects, the Special Education department has formulated a list of important concepts that students will learn in conjunction with both Special Education and Visual Impairment certifications, including but not limited to:

  • Assessment procedures to determine educational programming, which pose as a must for determining what your students need (Functional Vision Assessment, Learning Media Assessment, etc.).
  • Early intervention and working with parents, as many teachers work with children from birth.
  • How to write and implement an IEP, IFSP, Progress Monitoring, etc.
  • Understanding diversity.
  • Developing the most appropriate education for students versus appropriate education.
  • Understanding the Core Curriculum and the Expanded Curriculum in visual impairment.
  • Methods of teaching in which you learn to apply what you have been learning in various settings such as residential schools for students with Visual Impairment and itinerant settings, amongst many others.
  • Numerous field experiences and opportunities to observe experienced teachers.

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