Art Educator Sessions

Examples of Developing Narratives

Tricia Fuglestad

“How Ghosts, Aliens, and Flying Fairies Tell a Story about Learning”

Tricia Fuglestad

Explore a variety of technology-based art lessons where students use iPads to create narratives while applying art concepts and developing art-making methods. See how iPad animation, drawing with layers, and entering artwork via green screen techniques gives students a chance to tell their stories in creative and innovative ways.

  • Tricia Fuglestad Biography

    Bio: Fuglestad, NBCT is a K-5 elementary art teacher at Dryden Elementary School in Illinois with a master's in K-12 technology integration. She has been recognized for her innovative teaching in 2010 with the PBS Teachers Innovation Award, won Illinois Art Teacher of the Year in 2011, awarded Teacher of Distinction in 2012 by the Golden Apple Foundation, received Western Region Elementary Art Teacher of the Year 2013, and the Jacobs Educator Award in 2014.  Her students' creative iPad art has been featured in magazines/textbooks and their award-winning Fugleflicks (art-related student-created videos) have been shown in international film festivals.

Dean Bollendorf

“Stop Motion Animation and “Flipping the Classroom."

Dean Bollendorf

In this presentation, we will explore a bit of how the use of iPads and stop motion animation can be an effective way to use narratives and tell stories in the art room. "Change" was the simple but powerful word given to a group of students and some of the animated narratives that the class produced will be examined along with the process. The other focus of this presentation will be "flipping the classroom" and how from the storyboards to the final animations, this process was taken in a new direction for both the instructor and the class.

  • Dean Bollendorf Biography

    A Kutztown University Graduate of 2002, Dean has been teaching middle school and elementary art since 2003 in the Bensalem Township School District. A Bucks County native, he resides there today in his home in Warminster with his wife and two young children. In addition to his time spent in the regular art classroom, Dean also has an after school art club, lends a hand in the guitar club, and also drama club.

Bridget Tinney

“Social Justice Art Ed: Empowerment, Media Literacy, and Technology Integration in a Middle School Classroom”

Bridget Tinney

A social justice approach to art education utilizes visual art as a lens through which students can examine themselves and the world around them.  This session will explore strategies for implementing a social justice theme into a middle school art curriculum including a unit on media literacy and ideas for integrating technology into the art-making process.  This session will also seek to acknowledge misconceptions in the topics involved in a social justice curriculum and the degree of shift and adjustment needed to implement such a theme.

  • Bridget Tinney Biography

    Bridget Tinney teaches 6th and 7th-grade art at Lehman Intermediate in the East Stroudsburg Area School District. She graduated with a master's in Art Education from KU in May 2014 and has presented at local, state, and national conferences. Bridget is currently in her 8th year teaching.

Diane Chisdak

“Collaboration as a Way to Inspire Art Across the Curriculum”

Diane Chisdak

In this presentation, we will look at how the Fleetwood Area High School art program has used collaboration to connect art with other subjects. The most well-known example of this is the district’s commitment to generate a film utilizing the varied talented individuals throughout their school building. Misa’s Fugue involved student writers, musicians, film editors as well as artists to tell the true story of a Holocaust survivor, Frank Grunwald. This award-winning film not only tells his incredible story but emphasizes the capacity of the arts to help one survive such a tragic time in history. In addition to a discussion of the film’s production, there will opportunities to explore Artifact, the school’s award-winning fine art literary magazine and other cross-curricular connections to visual art.

  • Diane Chisdak Biography

    As an art teacher for Fleetwood Area High School for 25 plus years, Diane has embraced the story behind each student artist. Through journaling and critiques, she has explored how each student’s unique identity flavors what they create. Her students have won awards on the local, regional and national levels and much of that motivation comes from their desire to reveal what only they can through art. In addition to the focus on individual student stories, she has also incorporated many initiatives that explore collaboration as a means of generating art. She is the advisor of the award-winning fine art magazine Artifact. Each yearly issue pairs works of art with original student writing. This endeavor and other curricular initiatives connect art with other subjects and uses collaboration as a means to bring art to a wider range of students in the building.

Thomas Dareneau & Domenic Frunzi

"Bringing humanity to digital assignments"

Thomas Dareneau

Mr. Dareneau will show students samples and student video responses from his Introduction to Animation course at Boyertown Senior High School. He will show how he asks his students to create narratives while learning the basic skills of Adobe Flash. Mr. Frunzi will share his experiences using Instagram as an introduction to the work of Carrie Mae Weems. Both presenters will share their experiences incorporating video cameras into the classrooms at the bequest of Art21 Educators.

  • Thomas Dareneau Biography

    Thomas Dareneau received his Teaching Certificate from Kutztown University in 2000 and began teaching art at Boyertown High School that same year. While the majority of his time at Boyertown has been spent teaching in the computer lab, more recently he has moved away from digital art. Although he still has a few Animation classes, the bulk of his time is in the drawing studio, where he teaches courses ranging from Introduction to Drawing up to Dual-enrollment Advanced Drawing.

Domenic Frunzi

In 2013, Mr. Dareneau and Mr. Frunzi applied to and were accepted in the Art21 Educators program. Since then, Mr. Dareneau and Mr. Frunzi have redesigned their entire curriculum and presented Art21 philosophies and artists at local galleries, Kutztown University, and Penn State University.

  • Domenic Frunzi Biography

    Domenic Frunzi began his teaching career at Boyertown Senior High five years ago after graduating from Penn State. Although he was primarily a painter Mr. Frunzi took over the ceramics position at the high school. He does teach an occasional drawing or painting class but he is now most comfortable in the ceramics studio. He has just recently received his Master's Degree and is currently a member of Art21 Educators.

Marisa Marlowe

“Art and Place: Using Digital Media to Capture Stories from the Upper Schuylkill River”

Marisa Marlowe

This presentation focuses on the role of the Schuylkill River as a thread for weaving together stories that span generations and cultures. It brings together history, biography, local culture, personal significance and a variety of landscapes. The result is a documentary with footage filmed entirely with an iPhone (with the exception of river footage, which was shot using GoPro) and produced in iMovie.

  • Marisa Marlowe Biography

    Marisa Marlowe is an artist and teacher who studies the link between art, place, and history. She received her M.Ed in art education from Kutztown University and her BA in both art history and visual art from Fordham University. Marisa currently enjoys teaching middle school art and spending time near bodies of water. She currently lives on the Chesapeake Bay.