College of Visual and Performing Arts

Expand your horizons. Study on our picturesque campus in a tranquil atmosphere away from distractions. Hear world-class artists at KU Presents! and attend Faculty First Thursdays. Be inspired by the big city life of Philadelphia, New York City, Baltimore, or Washington on a field trip or in an internship. Venture further afield with a study abroad experience. Perform in an orchestra, or exhibit your art in one of our many dedicated art galleries. The choices are boundless.

Imagine a community that values your creativity. Discover the arts at Kutztown University.

Students in the College of Visual and Performing Arts receive an innovative contemporary education that fashions future leaders in art, design, media, music, and communication. Pioneering learning environments dedicated to creative exploration, discovery and innovation equip students to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Our students have it all: the intensity, the immersion, the pride, and the creative environment of an art, design, media, music, or communication school, all in a large university full of energy, excitement and diversity. Select a single major, add a minor, or declare a double major; find the passion that prepares you for your future.

No matter which program you choose, creative avenues abound to develop your skills, practice your techniques, and cultivate your vision. This is where our excellent faculty, over 100 strong, come in. Our professors are committed to your growth as an individual. Experts in their field, they are passionate about inspiring students to meld their passions with ideas from the larger university.

Join our committed community of artists and scholars and let us help you achieve your dreams!

Dr. Michelle Kiec, Dean