Department of Art & Design

The Department of Art and Design is open to serve the needs of our current and prospective students, faculty, staff, parents, community members, and others. Please email us at for assistance.

The Department of Art and Design offers majors in Applied Digital Art, Art History, Communication Design and Studio Art, as well as minors in Art History and Studio Art. Students work closely with award-winning faculty who apply their expertise as professional artists, animators, designers and scholars to the classroom. Students are empowered to seek growth, exploration, and social engagement through pathways for creative collaboration and interdisciplinary learning.

Internships, field trips to major museums, visiting speakers, film screenings and on-campus galleries provide further engagement with art, while grants and scholarships support additional study and opportunities. All four programs are accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD).


Four ways to explore, grow and learn

    Applied Digital Arts is the newest and fastest-growing visual art program at Kutztown University. Here, students work with the latest technology across a range of visual fields—animation, game art, and interactive media—becoming leaders in visual innovation. Learn more here!


    The Art History major prepares students for careers in museums, galleries, historic sites, arts organizations, and various academic pursuits. Students explore social and cultural history through the lens of the visual arts, reaching from the prehistoric to the global contemporary. Learn more here!


    Kutztown University’s Communication Design (KUCD) program is a community of designers who are passionate about what they create. We empower you to solve problems, communicate visually, and evoke meaningful change—all through dynamic visual expression.

    Here, you’ll discover the power of your voice and grow, not into someone new, but truly into yourself. You are imaginative, innovative, and challenge-seeking and you deserve a program that rises to meet your abilities. That’s why a KUCD degree isn’t just a piece of paper, it’s evidence of an experience. It’s a secret handshake into the world of design.

    Find your voice. Design your KUCD story. Learn more here!


    The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art exposes students to a variety of approaches and media ranging from traditional to digital. Following a foundational year studying drawing, design, and art history, students explore a broad scope of artistic practices before concentrating in their chosen medium. Studio art concentrations include ceramics, drawing, fine metals, painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture, textiles, and time-based and experimental art. Learn more here!