Cinema, Television and Media Production

Our hands-on program gets students involved the first semester!

I welcome you to explore our website and schedule a visit. I'm sure you will find our program to be welcoming and collaborative. We encourage our students to develop technical and creative skills to tell stories and translate their vision to the screen.

Prospective students looking for a diverse area of study in cinema, television, digital video, and related areas should enter the Cinema, Television and Media Production program at KU, which is offered as both a major and minor. We'd love to hear your stories so find us on the second floor of Rickenbach Learning Center. If you see a popcorn machine, you're in the right spot!



We are extremely proud of our Senior Internship program, which offers students real-world experience where they can apply what they've learned in exciting locations around the country.

This experience offers a full-time, full-semester training. Learn more ... 

Practical Program, Marketable Degree

As video production and storytelling skills are increasingly required in essentially all industries desiring an online presence, training in cinema, television and media production are skills equally as important as proper writing and communication in this digital age. Our program allows students to pursue a variety of careers in areas they are passionate about.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the Cinema, Television and Media Production program have gone on to work for traditional broadcast television stations, film studios, independent production companies, local and national news channels, online comedy video producers, and countless businesses looking for professionals with a strong mix of production and theory.

Students who successfully complete the program will be prepared to enter the industry as screenwriters, directors, editors, cinematographers, camera operators, and producers. We prepare you with the skills necessary to achieve your media dreams.

Ku Film Festival

Kutztown University Film Festival (KUFF) provides an exciting opportunity for Pennsylvania high school filmmakers to screen their creative work. We know how much work goes into your films and want to celebrate that effort. This one-day festival includes a screening, followed by filmmaker Q + A's, and an awards ceremony. Learn more ...