Field & Film Equipment

Field Packages:

  • 12 Panasonic P2HD HPX500P, HPX300, HPX370 ENG cameras
  • 8 Canon T3i and T5i DSLR cameras
  • 5 Canon C100 cinema cameras
  • 4 Panasonic AG-UX UHD 4K documentary cameras
  • Libec and Miller tripods
  • LED light panel kits
  • Arri/Lowell light kits
  • Jib
  • Hand-held microphones
  • Lavaliera microphones
  • Assorted cables and accessories
KU-TV crew setting up filming equipment, including cameras and lighting, in front of interviewer and interviewee, who sit in a pair of red armchairs across from the equipment

The department currently has multiple HD and UHD 4K cameras to choose from for their production courses and independent studies, both in film and television styles.

These include: 12 Panasonic P2 ENG cameras, 8 Canon DSLR camera packages, 5 Canon C100 cinema camera packages, and 5 UHD 4K documentary camera packages available for students to use. These units are the same type of equipment currently in use in many professional video production facilities and broadcast stations.

The department also has tungsten and LED lighting kits, HMI lights, fog machines, a flicker box, and a jib for students wanting to tell stories in even more unique ways with industry-standard equipment.