Art, Art Education, and Design Portfolio Review Dates and Requirements

Students interested in pursuing Art Education, Applied Digital Arts, Communication Design, or Studio Art require both an application to the University and the successful completion of an Online Portfolio Review through SlideRoom.


Portfolios for first-year students can be submitted online using SlideRoom. Requirements for submitting work are outlined above and are the same requirements for in-person Portfolio Reviews. There is a fee of $10 to upload a portfolio to SlideRoom.

Portfolio Prep Workshop

TBD | Portfolio Prep Workshop

Off-Campus Review:

TBD |  National Portfolio Day, Philadelphia




  • Two-Dimensional Design: Drawing, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, Mixed Media, Illustrations (traditional or digital), and Graphic Design. Works can range from observational to abstract and should demonstrate your understanding of composition, color, tonal value, shape, line, and texture, etc.
  • Three-Dimensional Design: Sculpture, Ceramics, Metals, Jewelry, Woodworking, Mixed Media, Installation Pieces, Assemblage. For three-dimensional work provide at least 2 views per piece. 
  • Digital & Time-Based Work: Animations, Motion Graphics, Creative Video, Video Games, Film, Websites, etc. Keep your submission to 10 minutes or less for all pieces combined; you may submit excerpts for longer pieces. You can upload items to Slideroom (500 MB limit per file) or supply links to public channels on YouTube, Vimeo, etc.


  • Observational Drawings 
  • Sketches/Sketchbooks– Concepts, Journals, Sketches, Experimentation with Techniques


Select: Include only your strongest, most recent work. Showcase problem solving, decision-making, and originality of ideas.

Document: For large scale or three-dimensional work, make close-up, focused, high-resolution, well-lit submissions shots showing the entire piece. Crop the image to remove distracting backgrounds or frames and make sure the shot is straight.

For three–dimensional work, photograph with a neutral background (white, black, grey) and show at least two views of the work. You may combine two views of the work in a single slide.

The simplest way to get the best lighting is to use daylight. Do not use a flash. The best type is indirect daylight; avoid photographing in direct sunlight.  Indirect light can be achieved by photographing in a room with large windows or outside in the shadow of a building.  Avoid photographing late in the day when the sun is low.

Organize: Develop an order to your presentation that makes sense and has a logical flow.

Important Dates

December 15, 2020

Visual Arts Portfolio Application - FRESHMAN for Spring 2021

December 15, 2020

Visual Arts Portfolio Application - TRANSFER for Fall 2021

August 1, 2021

Masters of Fine Arts (MFA) in Communication Design Fall 2021

July 15, 2021

Visual Arts Portfolio Application - TRANSFER for Fall 2021 

July 15, 2021

Visual Arts Portfolio Application - FRESHMAN for Fall 2021


College of Visual and Performing Arts: Joselyn Wynter, 610-683-4500, wynter@kutztown.edu

University Admissions: 610-683-4060 or toll-free 1-877-628-1915, admissions@kutztown.edu

Notification of acceptance will be provided by the Kutztown University Admissions Department.