Other Admissions Options

The following students should contact the Registrar's Office at 610-683-4485 for assistance with enrolling at KU:

Re-admission: Students who previously attended KU less than 7 years ago and did not take classes at another college or university during their time away from KU.

PASSHE Visiting Students: Students currently enrolled in one of the other 13 Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education institutions who wish to take coursework at KU.

Berks County Consortium: Students currently enrolled in one of the Berks County colleges or universities who plan to take a course at KU through cross-registration. Visit the Registrar's Office at your school for details.

Non-degree/non-credit: Students interested in taking coursework without seeking a degree, enrolled at another college or university and want to take coursework at KU, or interested in a non-credit program.

The following students should contact the Office of Admissions at 610-683-4060 or email admissions@kutztown.edu:

Second Degree: (Students who wish to pursue a second undergraduate degree after completing a first bachelor's degree at a regionally-accredited institution)

  • Students will apply for admission and provide an official college transcript.  All requirements for the curriculum of the major and required related courses of the major of the second degree must be satisfied.  A student must earn at least 30 credits at Kutztown University after matriculation to the second degree.  The department will determine the currency of prior learning for major courses completed as part of the first degree.  Completion of the first degree satisfies all general education requirements of the second degree.  However, required related courses must still be completed.  All University requirements such as a minimum GPA of the major and the number of credits taken at KU in the major must be met.

Students who were denied admission and have special circumstances can submit a letter to have their admissions decision reconsidered. The letter should be emailed to admissions@kutztown.edu. The letter can include among other things an explanation of the circumstances and how the circumstances have changed. The letter will be reviewed by the Undergraduate Admissions Exceptions Committee and a notification of the outcome will be sent to the student.