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OFFENSE: Sexual Assault
LOCATION: Bonner Hall
DATE: February 3, 2023 
Reported to the police: February 6, 2023 

The Kutztown University Department of Public Safety and Police Services has received a report of a sexual assault which occurred on February 3, 2023. The incident is reported to have occurred in Bonner Hall. The alleged offender is known to the victim and has been identified to the police. In response to this incident, the University Police are providing the following information on acquaintance sexual assaults. This information is general in nature and has no relation to this specific incident.  

If you feel unsafe, get to a safe place and call for help. If you feel uneasy about a situation as someone vulnerable or as a bystander, trust your instincts and attempt to interrupt the chain of events. If you are going out for the evening, tell someone you trust your destination and planned time of return. Perpetrators are responsible for sexual assaults. Perpetrators take advantage of vulnerability and seek opportunities to commit sexual assaults.        

If you are victimized, KU has several resources that can help. The KU Women's Center can provide a safe space, compassionate support, on-campus counseling referral, and assistance with the reporting processes. Stop by the center in the Boxwood House, call 610-683-4655, or email You may also call Safe Berks Hotline: Call 844-789-SAFE or Text: “SAFE BERKS” to 20121.  

Anyone with information about this incident is urged to contact the University Police at Extension 34001 or 610-683-4001. Confidential information can be given by dialing extension 3TIPS or Ext. 38477 from an on-campus telephone.  

CA # 01-2023
UCR (1700)