Weather-Related Cancellations and Announcements

In the event of a weather cancellation or delay, information on schedule changes for events and individual office/services/department closings at Kutztown University will be posted on this page.

In the event of a weather cancellation or delay affecting classes and administrative offices, information will be posted on the main Kutztown University homepage, the alert bar across the top of most KU webpages and at these information outlets.

We cannot guarantee that an event will be held as scheduled if it does not appear on this page. If you are unsure if something will be postponed or canceled, please contact the organizer.

Sports Schedules:  Any change to intercollegiate athletics schedules will be posted on the Athletics website.

Current Cancellations/Changes/Announcements

Sept. 2, 2021, last updated 11:12 a.m.

Due to continued flooding throughout the region, Kutztown University will open at 10 a.m. on Thursday, September 2.   Classes will begin at 10 a.m. and offices will open at 10 a.m.

Classes that would be in session at 10 a.m. will begin at that time.

  • Campus Shuttle -Shuttle bus services will be delayed by two hours.  Both the on-campus and off-campus loops will begin at 9:30 AM.
  • Water Usage on Campus - With the amount of rain forecasted throughout this storm, the Kutztown Wastewater Department is asking customers to reduce the amount of water used over the next 24 hours to help prevent overloading on the wastewater system and the treatment plant. If possible please refrain from doing laundry, take a quick shower instead of a bath, and minimalize flushing, etc. is requested over the next 24 hours.
  • Jack Newsome’s performance scheduled for Wednesday in SDH is postponed to Tuesday, September 7.
  • McFarland Student Union will open at 9 a.m.
  • Women’s Center/LGBTQ+ Resource Center Open House postponed to Tuesday, September 7, from 4-7 PM.

Event Coordinators:
If you are a coordinator of an official university-sponsored event and wish to include information on this page, email the notification and any rescheduling information to University Relations. You must send from your email address and include your contact information.