Departments - Administration & Finance

Kutztown University's Division of Administration & Finance is led by Vice President Gerald Silberman.  Mr. Silberman's executive associate is Maria Hernandez.  Reporting to the vice president are the following areas of the university:

  • Housing and Dining: Director Kent Dahlquist
    This office oversees the residence halls, residence life, and dining operations on campus.  Learn more about Housing and Residence Life or Dining Services
  • Public Safety & Police Services: Director John Dillon
    Keeping our campus safe is the Public Safety & Police Services office.  Learn more about Public Safety & Police Services, and Parking and Transportation
  • Facilities, Maintenance and Construction: Assistant Vice President Terry Brown
    This office is responsible for maintaining the university's physical plant.  Included in facilities are the following areas: Project Services, Architect, Business Services, Environmental Health Safety, Operations, Maintenance Services, Campus Services, Campus Energy Services, Custodial Services, and the Mechanical Shop. Learn more about Facilities.
  • Financial and Business Services: Assistant Vice President Matt Delaney
    The management of the university's financial resources is housed with the offices of Financial and Business Services. Included are the following areas: Bursar, Comptroller, Accounting, Budget Services, Copy Center, and Purchasing. Learn more about Financial and Business Services.
  • Human Resources: Assistant Vice President Sharon Picus
    This office oversees the human resource programs and services to faculty, staff and students.  Learn more about Human Resources.

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