Facilities Business Services

  • Services We Provide
    • Single Point of Contact for Campus Customers for All Facilities-Related Needs
    • Internal Facilities administrative support
  • Our Staff

    • Technology Specialist
    • Work Control Specialist
    • Key Control Specialist
    • Locksmiths
    • Clerical Support Staff

External Support Functions

The Facilities Business Services team also provides a variety of services to customers external to the Facilities organization. They include:

  • Customer Service and Work Control Center
  • Single point of contact for campus-wide contracted services including handicapped door maintenance, trash and recycling services, pest control, elevator and water softener maintenance.
  • Customer service and support for events
  • Work orders and coordination
  • Key, lock, and electronic door access

Internal-Support Functions

The responsibilities of the Business Services team is largely administrative in nature and it provides a variety of administrative functions that support the larger Facilities organization.

  • Budget, accounting, and expense tracking
  • Technology support
  • Assessment
  • Employee relations
  • Contract administration
  • Policy/Procedure management
  • Strategic planning and coordination