Key and Lock / Card Access

The Facilities department manages over 18,000 doors and locks on the Kutztown University campus. The campus approach to managing door security is outlined in the Key and Lock Policy. The Key and Lock Policy can be found at:

Key Requests

To request keys, please submit a Key Request Form to Facilities.

To obtain a Key Request Form, contact the Work Control Center at x31594.

Key Request Forms must be signed by your designated Authorizing Official and all keys must be picked up in person in Facilities. For your convenience, we maintain extended hours for key pick-ups including early opening and coverage through the lunch hour. Key pick-up hours are: M - F 7:00-4:30 pm.

Card Access

Electronic locks have been added to many exterior and interior doors throughout campus.

Permissions to utilize your campus ID card for door access must be granted by your department or division's Authorizing Official. For more information on who manages permissions to your doors, please contact the Work Control Center at x31594

Automated door schedules are coordinated by your Authorizing Official to ensure that doors open and close on a schedule that supports your department or division's needs. If you have special scheduling needs, please contact your department's Authorizing Official.