Snow and Ice Management

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    Please report any dangerous or unsafe conditions to the Facilities Work Control Center at x31594

Facilities monitors weather forecasts on a daily basis through the “snow season” starting in November and ending in April. Snow plans are developed and tailored to each individual snow and ice event. Despite an ambitious effort for each storm, customers might encounter slippery conditions on campus. During the winter time please exercise good judgment and caution when traversing the campus.

General Snow Priorities and Order of Cleaning

Priority 1: Primary Roadways and South Dining Hall

Priority 2: ADA Walkways and Entrances

Priority 3: Primary Parking Lots

Priority 4: Secondary Parking Lots and Roadways

Priority 5: Other Primary Walkways

Priority 6: Secondary Sidewalks, Entrances, Loading Docks, and Fairgrounds Lot

Tips for Winter Weather
  • Shuffle your feet rather than picking them up and putting them down. You are much less likely to slip.
  • Wear appropriate footwear
  • Understand that slippery conditions can last well after the end of the storm. Remain cautious!
  • Keep a portable shovel, cat litter or salt, and battery cables in your vehicle.
  • Avoid snow removal equipment. Visibility is limited and operators may not see you!
  • Avoid trying to move your vehicle until the snow event ends. Roads may not be passable.