BearNet Secure: Android

BearNet Secure: Instructions for Android

1. Connect your wireless device to an open network like ResNet WiFi or BearNet.

2. Open a browser and go to Click Download to get the SecureW2 JoinNow app from the Google Play Store.

Popup that says you are about to configure to KU wifi, with the Kutztown logo at the top of the page and the android logo lower, above a button that says "join"

3. Click Install.

secure w2 in the Google Play store, next to a button that says "install"

4. Click Open

secure w2 upload certification in the google play store, with buttons that say "uninstall" and "open" below

5. Enter your KU username and password and click Continue. (Note: Be sure to enter your KU username and NOT your entire KU email address.)

Kutztown wifi login screen in the secure w2 app

6. When your device has finished enrolling the security certificate, it should automatically connect to BearNet Secure. Click Done.

popup that says "you have been successfully connected to BearNet secure wifi"